My Favorite Beauty Buys of 2018

My Favorite Beauty Buys of 2018

Last month, I promised ya’ll a tangent to my 2018 fashion buy favorites. Beauty buys are naturally next in line;  I think fashion and beauty go hand in hand, don’t you? Select fashion buys of 2018 were placed in the favorites category for a reason – they all make me feel good in my own skin. And beauty products are no different. There are products that you stand by, have proven useful and effective, and truly make you feel beautiful when using them. Today’s post outlines my favorite beauty buys of 2018! With the exception of beauty tools, all those listed and shared today are my empties. These are go-tos that I’ve purchased time and time again (sometimes in bulk), because they are just that good!

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Native deodorant
This past year, I’ve become more conscious about the products I am using – products that I use in my home and products I am putting on my skin. I made the switch to a natural deodorant back in September, and tho there may not be a noticeable difference in it’s effectiveness compared to prior deodorant’s use, I am more at ease knowing the deodorant I am using is safe. It’s assuring when you find a product that is not only environmentally safe but still produces the results you’ve hoped for. Free of aluminum, parabens, and sulfates, this cruelty free product is one to try out if you are considering the switch! Plus, the coconut vanilla scent smells heavenly.

BC Overnight Resurfacing peel
Going to be honest and state that as I have gotten older, I have seen an increase in dark spots on my skin. Many of them being the aftermath of a monthly blemish. Having tried out several BC products this year with positive results, I thought to give this resurfacing peel a go. In definition it states to minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and dark spots without irritation or over-drying – exactly what I’ve been looking for.  It does not disappoint. I have seen a dramatic difference in the appearance of dark spots, having cleared many of them up after only a few uses of this miracle peel. BC, yet again, proves to be a company I advocate for – their products not only stem from a mission of safer beauty, but they are effective.

BC Dew Skin
I’ve mentioned before, but I am not one for foundation. I prefer a tinted moisturizer to my everyday routine and this gives me the right amount of coverage desired. I’ve used other safe beauty brands, equally effective, but in search for a more catered shade to my skin tone, decided to try the Dew Skin formula. I currently use No. 2, light shade and don’t believe I could get a closer match! This product is one I’ve stocked up on, religiously!

BC Kids Splash time Kids set/Conditioner
This past winter, Jonah developed a harsh eczema rash on his legs. My immediate response was to question the products he was putting on his skin. Yes, the weather had something to do with the lack of retained moisture, but I believe the harsh chemicals put in the products we use (tho we may be unaware of them) can often be the culprit to negative reactions. In addition to an increased use of this moisturizer, I implemented a switch to the kid’s nightly bath time routine. All three of these products are safe, effective, and smell amazing! The shampoo and conditioner are mainly for Ellie – with a head of golden locks, prone to tangles and guaranteed tears, these hair formulas have rid the nightly comb thru woes. And the gentle wash gets em’ both clean while ensuring their skin stays soft and hydrated. This triple remedy has proven a precautionary bath time staple.

Sigma Beauty Brush Cleaning mat
If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve heard my rave; this product is not new on my favorites list. I truly think this is the most genius idea when it comes to cleaning your makeup brushes. Brush cleaning is simple and efficient with this silicone mat! Swirl away dirt, oil, bacteria and build up on the 7 exclusive textures. It truly makes the tedious task fun! To save from embarrassment, I will not disclose the frequency of my brush cleaning prior to my purchase, but I’ll note it has dramatically increased! I’ve also seen less facial breakouts, proving this tool effective during and long after use!

Drybar Hot Toddy
I knew I needed a heat protectant with the amount of hot tool use, and since I love the Drybar dry shampoo and dry conditioner, I thought to give another product in the line a try. This smells incredible, ya’ll. It also has cut down on frizz and adds shine to the finished day’s look. It says something when your son walks into the bathroom and says, “it smells like you in here, Mom”, right after it’s use. Goes to show my love for this find, and that I’ve used it long enough to attach it’s scent to my own!

Sigma Beauty brushes
There’s something about these brushes that truly make a difference in application. These cruelty free brushes are extremely well made, where the bristles do not fall out, or apart. They also come with a 2 year warranty. I haven’t always been one to invest in good quality make up brushes, and have realized you really do get what you pay for. These are slightly more pricey, but honestly – a great investment.

BC Necessary Neutrals palette
I’ve written about it here, but my makeup is minimal. Especially in the eye shadow department. That said, this past year I have enjoyed trying out new palettes in hopes to move past the comical makeup mall incident. I’ve experimented with a few new palettes this past year and on most days find myself reaching for this one – with 18 shades, it provides a wide opportunity to create both dramatic and everyday looks, easily. I’ve also found the formula in this palette is longer lasting, which allows for minimal touch ups!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
Ya’ll, this concealer is amazing. Did you know that it’s sold every 12 seconds?! Clearly this concealer claims it’s “best of” title often! It’s truly that good. I love it because it can be used to cover blemishes, brighten the undereye area, and contour and highlight the face!  It’s hydrating and doesn’t dry or settle into creases or fine lines as the day goes on. It also works really well as an eye shadow primer. I follow it’s application with my favorite translucent powder to create a flawless finish. oh..and it lasts forever – I’ve had my bottle for 6 months and am no where near replenishment.

Foreo Luna Mini 2
So this technically wasn’t a ‘buy’. I received this golden tool as a Christmas gift from my bestie, but must be included on list because I love it so much. This little gadget, tho small, can do wonders for your skin. It’s an enhanced, more effective way to cleanse your skin. This tool helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores and removes dirt and oil. What’s even more neat, is that you can customize the intensity of massage based on your skin hydration levels with an app! Talk about revolutionized beauty!

EVER Skin Overnight Facial Oil
if you are looking for miracle in a bottle, this is it. There’s something about this formula, come morning, that I truly see a dramatic difference in my skin from the moment I look in the mirror. It’s a genius combination of clinically proven peptides, a potent form of retinol and botanical oils. My skin is more hydrated, and fine lines and wrinkles are barely noticeable…even blemishes seem to diminish. I wake up to visibly younger, firmer, smoother and brighter looking skin. Best part? They recommend it’s use 3 times weekly – 3 nights of pampering a week? Sign me up!

T3 Micro Convertible system
I jumped on the bandwagon and grabbed this heat system as a little Christmas gift for myself. I had seen so many other influencers pull off the messy loose wave look using this wand and since I needed a new curling tool anyway, I thought why not? I love the versatility of this system, as you can interchange the barrels and switch them out depending on the look you desire. This system is on the high end for price, but well worth the investment. The next flash or site wide deal seen, you can bet I’ll add another wand to my collection!

EVER Skin Beauty Balm
This little pot of gold has been on my essentials list for quite some time.  A little goes a long way with this thick and highly concentrated balm. Use it on your lips, apply anywhere you feel dry (like knuckles, elbows or cuticles), and even apply it cuts and sores to heal. It’s taken a rightful place on my bedside table and a serves as a #musthave lip application before I hit the sheets.

Urban Decay Subversion
Never in a million years would I think a lash primer would make such a difference. I swear I’ve found the perfect duo for making your lashes look long, and lustrous! This primer is now part of my everyday 2 step mascara application – and I can completely see a difference when I forget this vital step! Using the primer I notice my mascara does not flake off, and helps elongate my lashes!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my favorite beauty buys of 2018. Hopefully it will give a little insight into some products you’ve had your eye on! As always, thanks for stopping by!


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