Top 21 outfits of 2021

In truth, I hadn’t planned on curating this post until well into the New Year. But give this stylist a week or two of grace, a few countless walks, and time to reflect on all that 2021 has brought and I am pleasantly content on the reflect. I’ve also an itch to create a trending compilation reel and in order…


2020 February Amazon Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! Sticking with my promised series, I’ve rounded up my top Amazon favorites for February! This month I dove into my wishlist and grabbed a few beauty items that I’ve had my eye on for a while. If I were to make a list of my all time top favorites, the Revlon One Step hairdryer would definitely top…


2019 June Amazon favorites

Am back again to share a round up of my June Amazon favorites for the month! If you are new here, this is one of the posts shared each month here on the blog. You’ll learn, (or if you’ve been following a while, you’ve already come to conclusion) that round ups are my jam! And Amazon – well – it…


2019 May Amazon favorites

Happy Wednesday babes! Another month has gone by with an increasing add up of Amazon favorites! Ya’ll enjoyed last month’s favorites list, so today’s post shares all I’ve rounded up in May. As you know, there are hit and misses on Amazon and returns can be frequent from month to month – but I am happy to report there were…

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