Beauty Breakdown | If I had to pick one ..

While TSS is more style focused, beauty related topics always raise a brow. Favorite lists, reviews, and even tutorials consistently stream my TikTok FYP with reason. I am always interested in learning the ins and outs of all things beauty, and love that my job as a content creator involves testing out new products and new beauty brands. I am…


Beauty Breakdown | Clean Mascara

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything clean beauty, hasn’t it? While my focus has clearly been on capsule building and style, I’ve a whole list of beauty related topics on queue this year. Part of my job as a content creator means I am constantly testing out new products and new brands. And if you’ve followed me a…


Q3 clean beauty review – current empties list

Hi friends! It’s that time again to share a list of my beauty favorites! As you know, this past year I’ve tried countless items. Some I’ve loved, some I could do without. As a result of my ongoing experiment, many have taken spot in my everyday regimen. Today’s post shares a current list of empties – items I’ve tried, loved,…


1st quarter clean beauty review

I am not sure what it is. Could be the start of the New Year, a few recent services I’ve treated myself to or simply that I haven’t shared much beauty review content here in a while, but I’ve had an itch to try out all things new the past couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, I have a…

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