Top 21 outfits of 2021

combat boots and shacket

In truth, I hadn’t planned on curating this post until well into the New Year. But give this stylist a week or two of grace, a few countless walks, and time to reflect on all that 2021 has brought and I am pleasantly content on the reflect. I’ve also an itch to create a trending compilation reel and in order to do so, one must pull all of the favorites and head down memory lane. So … here we are!

If you’ve read my thoughts on 2021, you know where I am currently at. You know I struggled with the same old shit in 2021 that I did in 2020. You’ve also read I’ve a fire in me to see where and what 2022 will bring. One thing this particular write has surfaced is the realization of how much I’ve done this year at TSS. A quick count renders 38 written posts, 3 seasonal capsules, 6 weekly capsules, 18 web stories, 80 reels and countless outfits. Is my slight grin seeping thru the screen? It’s quite an accomplishment and one I am proud to document. All of this doing has brought my style, closet, confidence and creativity to light and I cannot wait to continue the discovery.

Today’s post shares my top 21 favorite outfits of 2021. This year I’ve proudly found and defined this space more capsule focused. As I continue to develop and define my style, I learn and am reminded the value of a minimal closet and that quality far exceeds quantity. You’ll notice there a lot of repeated pieces in the curate below – something I may have turned a nose to years back. These fits, however, are an example of my effort to shop sustainable and versatile. And the closet that has resulted from it! I have never felt so good in the clothes that I am currently wearing, and believe the consistent work towards an established closet is paying off. My hope in sourcing style here at TSS will render you similar.

The majority of these looks are surprisingly still in stock. If not, I’ve made sure to link similar options for you to recreate them on your own.

shacket | dress | boots
coat | sweater | leggings | tote | boots
coat | sweater | crossbody | boots
sweater | joggers | tote | sneakers
sweater | leggings | handbag | boots
coat | leggings | tote | sneakers
sweater | crossbody
blazer | tee | denim | tote | sneakers
romper | sandals
top | handbag | hat | sandals
jacket | boots
sweater | dress | handbag | boots
top | dress | boots
skirt | sneakers
blazer | dress | tote | sneakers
90s jeans
top | jeans | mules
cardigan | jeans | tote | boots
dress | jacket | belt | boots
shacket | graphic tee | leggings | tote | boots
combat boots and shacket
shacket | top | denim | tote | boots
camel coat style idea
coat | sweater | leggings | handbag | booties

There you have it – my top 21 outfits of 2021. I look forward to seeing what 2022 brings and the style that evolves from it. As always, thanks for stopping by!


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