10 random things I am loving right now

If you’re a TSS blog subscriber, you’ve the pleasure of reading my monthly favorites lists. This year, I’ve made it a point to share at least five things I am loving each month. It’s something fun and different to read, while spotlighting some new found loves. ¬†The end of April is near and I am about due to start drafting that monthly list. With little thought, the list is already well past that 5 mark. I thought it would be fun to devote a blog post this month and share those randoms I am loving without any limitations of an email template block. I’ve stuck to style related items the past few months, but don’t let that fool you – I’ve a ton of other randoms that I am loving that I’ve made sure to give proper attention to. So let’s get to it!

1. new office rug // If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you know the troubles we’ve had in this rental. The downstairs sewage line has broken twice, with my office getting the blunt of the damage. Two soiled rugs, and restoration services have made me quite cautious in re-decorating. Time has lifted a bit of worry and I’ve recently replaced the space with a new jute rug from Rugs.com. This gorgeous rugs.com jute rug completes my not so ordinary office beautifully. It’s brought back creativity and light to a space that’s been thru the ringer a time or two.

2. Jess King’s sweat steady rides // My morning rides have really become a priority in my am routine. Yes, there are physical benefits to exercise, but I ride and move my body for the emotional reward as well. Pelaton Instructor, Jess King, has a series of endurance rides that push me to the edge. Sweat Steady rides are hard, repetitive, and force you to sit and work thru your minding struggles. Physically your body adjusts to the resistance and constant movement during the course of the ride. You experience what she calls a ‘shit shift’ – letting that shit go as you sweat it out. I’ve done them a dozen times and they are still as hard, if not harder than the last. But I still do them. I know if I am steady and keep going, I’ll ride to a place where I can release anxiety, recognize where I need to grow, and be reminded of my strength. It’s so much more than a workout, ya’ll.

3. my Starbucks go-to // I am typically a hot drink gal, but lately have loved specialty iced drinks. Chai has always been a favorite and adding a bit more cinnamon to the mix kicks it up a notch. My current go to is an iced grande almond milk chai – 2 pumps chai, 2 pumps sf cinnamon dolce. It’s delicious!

4. +Lux Unfiltered No32 hydrating gradual self-tanning cream // I haven’t always been one to self tan, and more so know the ingredients in a lot of tanning products aren’t the cleanest. With warmer weather here, I’ve a bit of an itch to get glowing! I sought out clean tanning products and discovered +Lux Unfiltered. Their tanning lotion provides you with a natural looking tan that is gradual. No mits, no streaks, no overly powered ‘tanning’ smell. They’ve facial drops, gradual tanning lotion, body lotion, and an amazing exfoliator to help prep your skin.

5. maxi dresses // Ya’ll know my love for dresses. I haven’t always been fond of the style tho. Growing up, I was not the girly girl. I remember putting my foot down at the ripe age of five, telling my mom, “no more frilly dresses!” As I’ve gotten older tho, I feel I’ve embraced that princess like feel and enjoy the dress up, quite often. With the onset of Spring, I’ve flocked toward the easy style. I cannot say no to the idea of a new flowy, breezy, printed maxi. I’ve added quite a few to this season’s wardrobe and love the versatility they bring to my Spring closet.

6. Veja esplar sneakers // I looked at these for quite sometime and finally took the plunge. I’ve several different styles, tho wanted a crisp white sneaker to round out my sneaker collection. These took some breaking in, but after a bit of wear they’ve become my favorite casual shoe. Fit tts.

7. ILIA super serum skin tint SPF 40 // A few weeks back I shared some new makeup products I’ve been loving in my daily routine and this stole the show! This tinted moisturizer, along with several other tried ILIA products, have become the makeup I look forward to applying and what I reach for most. ILIA is clean makeup with skin care benefits. The super serum skin tint provides a light coverage and holds¬†hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and 40 SPF (all the good stuff our skin needs!). I use shade ‘ST7 Diaz’ and feel it’s matched perfectly to my skin tone. You can catch the full rave on all my newest makeup additions, here.

8. daily walks with Rebel // I truly believe fresh air cures all. As much as he gets excited at the mention of walk, I am just as eager to get outside. Gives us both a breath of fresh air and provides me the wind down I need for the day. I take the time to process my day, sift through any thoughts that are heavy, pray, and just reel in positivity.

9. Amazon built in sports bra tank // I shared these tanks a few weeks back – both colors I own have been worn a handful of times since. I wear them primarily for workout sessions, but know they’d work equally as well for everyday layering. Available in a ton of colors, they’ve become my go to for low impact yoga sessions, and even those high intensity rides I love. Comfortable and super affordable, too.

10. Schitt’s Creek // I am sure many of you have watched. It took Patrick and I a few episodes to get hooked, but it’s quickly become the show we love watching together after the kids go to bed. A different type of humor, for sure – but oddly addicting! We are almost thru all six seasons, so I know we will have to find something new soon. Even after we’ve finished, I know it will be one we enjoy watching re-runs of.

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