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Happy Friday, babes! It’s about that time again for another five list! With kids back in school, it naturally has freed up some time during the day to devote to blogging. Now more aware of current sales, and having subscribed to many insider lists, I’ve had the opportunity to try out a few new beauty products! I’ll happily oblige in the ‘me’ time given! Today I’ll be sharing 5 current beauty finds!

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ONE | Sigma Spa Brush cleaning Mat | This mat is genius! I’ve always had the hardest time cleaning my makeup brushes. And don’t judge, haven’t always cleaned them as often as I should. Brush cleaning is simple and efficient with this silicone mat! Swirl away dirt, oil, bacteria and build up on the 7 exclusive textures. It’s offered in a full sink size and express mini option. Oh and I advise to grab their natural brush cleanser, too! There really is something about a clean make up application! You can check out the cleaning process saved in my beauty IG highlights real.

TWO | Tarte In Bloom Shadow Palette | Ya’ll know me. I am not one to wear a ton of makeup. I am quite the minimalist in the eye shadow dept. But when I saw this palette described as a good ‘everyday’ basics palette, I thought – why not? Add a little color to your everyday, it wont hurt! The 12 matte and micro shimmer shades are all pretty neutral imo. So it has put any fear of ‘looking like a clown’ slightly at ease.

I am going to stop right here and let ya’ll in on a little secret – I used to wear a TON of makeup back in the day. I loved a good Mac shadow and had quite the shadow line up to prove it. But there was ONE instance that changed it all. Giving reason as to why I am slightly hesitant in stepping out of the box and going bold with eye makeup. The scene is quite comical now, but boy was I embarrassed at the time.

Patrick and I were freshly dating. He had recently moved to the Seattle area and I had driven up for the weekend for a visit. He had a friend come into town as well and was spending some time with him, so I thought I’d have him drop me off at the mall to window shop and occupy some time.  My makeup loving self naturally wound up at the Mac counter. Looking at all the newest shades, I of course obliged when the associate asked if I had wanted to try out a few new colors. Shimmers and hues of the entire rainbow were at her discretion. Sitting down in the chair, I let her do her ‘magic’. Ya’ll … you know when you’ve been sitting there for a good 15 minutes without a mirror check, there’s a problem. The red flag – literally the shadow was red from my lid to my brow bone – flew high when I got a glimpse of her ‘masterpiece’. What on God’s earth had happened? What made this lady think my olive skin tone would sit well with ‘red brick’ and ‘ruddy’. I looked like a Christmas clown. All I needed was a bright red lip. And honestly, I swear she was reaching for it when I b-lined it out of there. You should have seen it. I was running, RUNNING, to the mall directory in mad search of a store that sold any sort of facial cleanser. Head down, no eye contact given, I purchased a cleanser I knew I’d only use once. In honesty, I am unsure if it even was meant for the face; Quite possibly an exfoliant. Anything to scrub the clown off. Being in the early stages of our relationship, I was mortified calling Patrick to come pick me up. Scrubbing some of it off in the public restroom, I had made some removal progress. I hopped into Patrick’s jeep, with a dried, half smudged face vowing NEVER again.  Playing the red guinea pig once was enough to halt any out-of-box DIY shadow looks at home.

So, now you can understand the slight cringe when I see bold shaded shadow palettes offering an assortment of looks at your fingertips. I’ve dodged that section all together for years. I’ll put that little comical instance in the past tho and am open to the idea of adding a bit of color back into my everyday. I am taking baby steps! Back to the palette featured; I’ve re-opened a bit of my love for eye make up and have had so much fun playing around with simple color combos this past week. Stay tuned for a 5 min everyday eye look in my stories soon! I can promise there will be no clowns in site!

THREE | Urban Decay Subversion Lash primer | Okay, before now, I had never thought to prime my lashes. We do it before our face and shadow application, why not for our lashes? If you want big, bold lashes .. prime them! Priming them white looks a bit silly, but the liquid dries and is ready in no time for mascara. Priming separates the lashes, and prevents any flaking of the mascara after application. Such a genius find, and I’ll forever be using this beauty hack!

FOUR | Ouai Memory Mist | So there may be an ongoing debate of how to pronounce this brand – I’ve heard it called both ‘whey’, and ‘why’. Regardless, the name stated doesn’t much matter, just as long as it does what it says it does, right? ‘Why’ this does the trick!

I swear, my hair literally has a mind of it’s own. And from birth to now, it has been every type of hair on the list. If you knew me when I was 8, my Shirley Temple curls took over. Move forward to my teens, my need to iron it on the daily (literally..I took an iron to my hair on the ironing board) inevitably did some damage. Once pregnant, any curl left over vanished. And now what I am left with is the kinky curl grow back on the underside, with frizzy straight ends to meet it. The ‘au natural’ approach is quite the site, looking like a half assed try gone wrong. Tho I see those days quite often, I’ll resort to heated styling tools and products on days I’d like to feel somewhat put together. Not sure if it’s the NC heat, or just another phase my hair has decided to embark upon, but it cannot for the life of it hold a curl. I worked so hard to rid the curls when young, but now will try anything to produce some sort of wave these days, and actually keep it! Looks all nice for about an hour, then gravity waves right in. The point?.. this mystery mist not only heat protects, it holds the curl! I spray it on after drying, and before using any heating tool. Such a good find – reasonably priced, and smells good, too!

FIVE | Ever Smooth Beauty balm | Ya’ll .. this is gold. I often wondered the concept of this little jar of heaven. Why it was in the smallest container, what it did, and why people raved about it. My consultant gifted it to me last month and it’s been within reach 24/7. A little goes a long way with this thick and highly concentrated balm. Use it on your lips, apply anywhere you feel dry (like knuckles, elbows or cuticles), and even apply it to sores and cuts to heal. Pretty sure I hit the jackpot with this one!

There you have it! Five of my current beauty favs! Have you tried any of these and love them as much as I do? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment or DM me on Insta! As always, thanks for stopping by for my Friday Five!

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