10 randoms I am currently loving

While I am all for focused styled posts, spotlighting random favorites is one of my favorite types to sit down and write. Not only are they a fun way to compile the extras and detail style specifics I may have missed, these random lists are an opportunity for me to go outside of the TSS style realm. I’ve a bit…


A few year end thoughts for 2021

Here we are again. The year end reflection post where I battle and struggle thru a mix of emotions. In truth, I have no idea what this post will entail. I have no outline or structure to how this post will go. But this post is needed. If not for readers, but for me – to confront, analyze, and reflect…


5 healthy habits for the workday

So I know my ‘workday’ may be different than most. On most days, my office is a quick walk down the stairs. Instead of phone calls and intercoms my white noise, I often hear the dryer running. If I go mobile, espresso machines and a coffeehouse playlist. Ten years away from the corporate world has definitely brought leverage on way…


How I practice Self Care

Happy Friday, my friends! I am officially another year older today. And while birthdays have always been fun – balloons, gifts and affection from many, it’s a little hard embracing the number. I remember those milestone birthdays – 10th, 21st, and 30th .. and while I understand turning 38 isn’t a milestone, it does inch me closer to a number…

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