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Here in NC, the weather seems to have caught up with the calendar season. It’s cold! I noticed the overcast as I dressed for my morning run and thought I was prepared for the chill. I took one step outside and immediately headed back up stairs to pull out the cold gear outerwear! A balmy 46 degrees isn’t something to take lightly! Guess it’s time to pull out coats and jackets; Anything to accommodate the temp drop!

There’s a lot of pressure, at least for me, when I set out to shop for outerwear. Buying good quality outerwear is a serious investment. You’ve got to cover all your bases to justify the spend, am I right? Price, quality, practicality, comfort. Let’s go into detail …

Unless you are shopping for growing children, it’s understood the shop is for a longer shelf life. You’ll be wearing the coat for several seasons, so quality is key.  Next, it should be practical and fit in well with your wardrobe capsule. Think classic neutrals that can withstand the test of time. So, let’s steer clear of the trending options (loud prints, and rough textures) and stick to staples. And lastly, it should be comfortable. If you are investing in a coat or jacket, you should love how you feel in it. The last thing you want is to see is your piece hang solely in your closet due to the fit. If it’s itchy, too big, makes you feel like a marshmallow, or you relate to Randy and ‘cant put your arms down!’ it wont make the grade. Do keep in mind tho – higher quality, practicality, and comfortability can bring on a steeper price tag. Hence it being labeled an investment. 😉

Having listed all the reqs, I am quickly reminded why I dread the shop. Coat shopping can be downright frustrating. (put in two tired kids in the mix and its an easy convince to go cold) But, not to worry – your girl has you covered. (quite literally) I’ve outlined 8 styles of jackets and coats worth the spend this season. All reqs have been checked. You can ensure I’ve done the research and have found pieces to elevate your wardrobe this season and those to come.

Trench – When I think of this style of outerwear, office attire comes to mind. In search of how to style this gem, I am quickly reminded how versatile it can be. You can most definitely complete your weekday ensemble or carry it right into your weekend wear. Height knows no boundaries with this coat, proving it most functional for everyone. And it’s offered in so many color options, the skies the optional limit!

Blazer – A blazer is a classic piece and imo should be in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s timeless, can be dressed up or down and is so versatile, it really can be that go-to essential when you “don’t have anything to wear”. It provides just that bit of warmth when the cooler temps hit. Pop it over your everyday tee or mock neck sweater, or effortlessly style it with your skinny jean or slim pant. Five classic options are shown below, proving much versatility and checking off all reqs.

Puffer – From style perspective, you may hesitate and think that the puffer style will be too bulky and unflattering. These jackets are definitely more functional than fashionable, delivering much warmth on those colder days. You can make the most of this piece by slimming down the rest of your wardrobe and styling with a skinny jean or leggings. More so, opting for a quilted, more stylish design can prove useful – hitting all the desired marks of style and functionality.

Denim – I’ve mentioned before, but holding a classic denim jacket in your wardrobe is a must. With so many options to choose from, it really depends on your style preference. I chose here three quality choices – all carrying the attributes your hoping for.

Peacoat – I will always remember my first peacoat. It was the coat of all coats and most likely where my love for fashion began. This iconic coat completes a number of looks, and is the most versatile piece of outerwear you can own. It perfectly borders the line between formal and casual and as such can be worn with your office attire mid week and your jeans come Saturday. I’ve found three highly rated options below.

Parka – This coat is so flattering and covers all the bases of style and function in one. Offered in a variety of materials, this coat provides warmth and can be the winter coat you reach for no matter the look underneath. I’ve recently purchase this one, and this budget friendly option is equally worth the look.

Field/Utility – Rooted from the military, this medium-weight outer layer jacket has caught the eye of designers for style and purpose. It’s that piece you reach for to accommodate that unpredictable in-between weather. It being the beginning of Fall, it’s prime season to see this style offered amongst several retailers, so there are several options to choose from. I’ve found three within reasonable price points, all stylish and hitting the shop mark.

Anorak/Rain – Having grown up in the PNW, it was essential to have a good quality rain jacket. The task to find one was always steep, and aside from hitting the necessary quals discussed earlier, the simple task to keep you dry has gotten quite complicated. Shells, water resistance, coatings .. the technical wording is enough to confuse even the most experienced rain taker. Unless you live in a place with torrential downpours on the daily, or are planning to hike the waterfall trails, an anorak or 3 in 1 waterproof rain coat will reach the bar just fine.

Which style(s) do you have your eye on? Comment below!

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