Friday Five | the 5 Senses of Pumpkin

When you think of Fall, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? I bet it involves pumpkin! It’s everywhere – from Halloween to Thanksgiving. September hits and pumpkins start to line up in front of grocery stores. Seasonal color palettes always involve the color, and coffee lovers line up for the return of the PSL. Pumpkin is all around us and it tops our list of Fall description because it hits all 5 senses! I thought it would be fun to explore it’s senses for our Friday five and give reason as to why pumpkin tops the defining charts.

I am going to admit – I haven’t always loved pumpkin spice.. now before you gasp, I am talking the taste. And to this day, it’s not a huge priority of mine to make a mad dash to Starbucks when the PSL is back on menu.  I do enjoy a hint of the rich and velvety flavor ever so often and have to note that the season wouldn’t be the same without my occasional PSL indulgence. My drink of choice, tho high maintenance, imo, is one to try – A grande, soy, no water, 2 pumps chai, 1 pump pumpkin chai tea latte. It’s the perfect amount of flavor and spice.  Pair it with a good book and 65 degree weather and you’ve made a seasonal recipe rendering #allthefallfeels!

If we are talking feels, literally – then Pumpkin has outdone itself. Step into my closet, for that matter, and you’ll notice the pumpkin palette obsession this season. Not only does it touch on the sense of sight (it’s noticeable in every retailer’s seasonal sku) but it’s combined with soft threading. Think cable knit and chenille sweaters, cashmere scarves, wool hats, and suede booties. The touch of pumpkin is in the clothing we wear and is part of our everyday.

Trick or Treat?!! A question heard just about a zillion times on Halloween. The night where you light your pumpkins on your porch and hand out candy to fairytale princesses and sheeted ghosts. I am not going to say Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine, because it’s not. I have never been one to celebrate the dark, nor enjoy scary movies or never-ending corn mazes. From an ethical standpoint, the idea of asking for candy from strangers highly contradicts lessons learned in elementary years. And neighbors or not, motherhood heightens that red flag count. Regardless, it involves lit pumpkins, laughter and excitement heard amongst many. And is a vital sound of the Holiday itself.

What does a girl do when you have forewarning a hurricane may hit and there’s a chance power will go out? You head to Target to get candles – and if it’s Fall, you can bet there is a vast supply of pumpkin infused candles to choose from. I of course, picked up several (the whole house would’ve been dark if I didn’t, and if I cannot utilize the other 4 senses, ‘heritage pumpkin‘  and ‘a Fall day‘ would surely fit the bill). Power or not, the smell of pumpkin sits on retailer’s shelves, piano lids, kitchen counters, and tablescapes year after year.

I got married in the Fall for the colors. I’ve always loved the palette that develops the last 4 months of the year. I took full advantage of nature’s gift, making it my wedding backdrop. My color scheme? A dark burgundy and golden pumpkin. Tho I can pull out the wedding photos each year, all that’s needed to remind me of that blissful day is to walk outside and see the color change around me. Leaves of green turn yellow, emerging toward orange, then pumpkin, darkening to maple, and lastly to a dried burgundy. The sight of the season lies right in the middle of the story told. Fall really is a beautiful season, don’t you think?

It’s clear pumpkin rightfully lies in the definition of Fall. Where else do you sense it’s presence this season? I’d love to know! Comment below or find me on Insta! As always, thanks for stopping by for my Friday five!

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