10 Random Things I am Loving | Wellness and Beauty Favorites in 2024

Hey friends! It’s been a hot minute, right? So, January? Yeah, it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea – motivation was playing hide and seek. But you know what? February’s all about flipping the script and finding joy in the small stuff. And today, we’re taking a detour from the usual style talks – diving into the world of wellness and beauty favorites in 2024. It’s been a while since we touched base on that, hasn’t it? So, no fashion tips or life lessons here, just good vibes and some favorite finds that are making my wellness and beauty routine extra fabulous in 2024. Ready to jump into the randomness? Let’s do this!

1. Face Towels

Now, diving into Wellness and Beauty Favorites for 2024 – let’s talk about a surprise MVP: face towels. Those little fabric squares? They’re secretly rocking my wellness routine. It’s a bit random, right? But also kind of fancy in the middle of everyday chaos. These soft wonders have become my unexpected sidekick in the wellness game. Now, I’ll be real with you – those disposable face towels aren’t a must for everyone. But for me, they’ve become a bit of an indulgence. I stumbled upon this gem of an idea from a fellow influencer who spilled the tea on regular towels harboring bacteria even after a single use if left to dry. In my quest for a skincare routine that’s both luxurious and sanitary, these disposable delights have become a game-changer. Who knew a face towel could be such a fancy treat?

2. Magnesium

Now, let’s talk about something that’s been a game-changer in the wellness department – magnesium. It’s like this quiet superhero that swooped into my life, helping me tackle stress and sleep like a boss. Full disclosure: for months, I was battling those restless nights. Blame it on getting a bit wiser, hormones playing games, who knows? Then, I stumbled upon JS Health Vitamins in my last list of randoms, and let me tell you, they are still doing wonders. I ran out last month (rookie mistake), panicked a bit, and had to grab some off Amazon in a pinch. Turns out, they work just as magically. So, whether it’s the original stash or the impromptu Amazon delivery, magnesium is the unsung hero in my quest for a good night’s sleep.

3. Reading Glasses

Guess what’s surprisingly cool? Reading glasses. No more squinting at tiny screens. And get this – it ties into a 2024 goal: more reading time. Currently hooked on fantasy, romance, and dystopia, like the Fourth Wing series. Sporting some sleek Warby Parker frames, these glasses turn reading into a nightly adventure. It’s a recent discovery, but my family has been onto it for months. I finally caved when I asked my son to read something on a label, and he gave me that “Mom, you need glasses” look. Who knew they could make achieving a goal so much more enjoyable?

4. Haircare | Embracing My Natural Texture

Let’s talk hair – specifically, embracing its natural texture. Once upon a time, my hair boasted lively Shirley Temple curls. However, as life unfolded – kids, hormones, and a sprinkle of aging – those curls gracefully transitioned into gentle waves, often accompanied by a bit of unwanted frizz. Probably the reason I found myself blow-drying and curling each day in an attempt to tame it – though, we all know the heat isn’t the best remedy. In my quest to simplify and reclaim some precious morning minutes, I decided to fully embrace the waves and curls that remain. Enter my secret combo: a dab of BB defining cream and a touch of Olaplex bond protector. It’s like a magic potion that not only combats frizz but also gives my locks the love they deserve. And here’s the game-changer – these products have not just transformed the state of my hair; I can genuinely sense the benefits of using less heat. As part of this hair care revolution, I’ve also introduced a once-a-week scalp revival shampoo and Olaplex conditioner into the mix. Less time styling, more time for everything else life throws at me.

5. Skincare | Paula’s Choice Exfoliant

Let’s chat skincare, and trust me, Paula’s Choice Exfoliant is the real deal. This tiny powerhouse bids adieu to dullness, leaving my skin smoother, softer, and lit with radiance. Twice a week in my PM routine, it’s my secret to that fresh-from-the-spa glow. Bonus? My aesthetician praised how fantastic my skin felt during my last visit.

6. Makeup | Beauty Mix of High-End and Drugstore Finds

Now, let’s dip our brushes into the realm of makeup, where I’ve found my latest obsessions. From the high-end allure of Chanel mascara, giving my lashes a red-carpet-worthy flutter, to the drugstore darling Pixi by Petra On the Glow Blush, each item in my makeup routine holds its own charm. The Merit Beauty The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick brings that flawless finish, while the Tom Ford bronzer adds that sun-kissed glow. It’s a mix of luxury and budget-friendly beauty, a reflection of my minimal makeup routine. Whether it’s the allure of a prestigious name or the thrill of discovering drugstore gems, these favorites have proven that sometimes, the best makeup treasures come from curiosity and simplicity.

7. Low Impact workouts | Barre3 at Home

Time to talk fitness, where my routine has become a delightful mix. One of my ‘ins’ for 2024 was incorporating more low-impact workouts, and Barre3 at home fits the bill perfectly. Alongside my intense rides on the Peloton and lifting weights, Barre3 brings in a fusion of ballet, yoga, and Pilates, adding a dose of mindfulness to my routine. The graceful yet challenging movements make each session a unique experience. Even though I’m working out from the comfort of my home, there’s a sense of connection that transcends physical space.

It turns out; a workout doesn’t have to be high-impact to be good – it just has to be a mix that works for me. Incorporating this different type of movement, alongside my trusty Peloton rides and weightlifting sessions, has brought acceptance into my life. Having experienced the negative effects of diet culture for a good portion of my life, adopting a new outlook on fitness has been a breath of fresh air.

8. Activewear Favorites | Free People Movement and Varley

While these might be considered more on the style side, I couldn’t resist including them. These brands have seamlessly become a part of my daily wardrobe, blurring the lines between fashion and function. From comfy leggings that accompany me on daily walks to stylish sports bras perfect for a Barre3 session, Free People Movement and Varley effortlessly combine fashion-forward designs with practicality. My fitness gear has always been geared towards high-intensity sweat sessions, so it’s been a breath of fresh air to add in versatile pieces that I can comfortably wear every day.

9. Lavender Bliss Bath

Revisiting a favorite, my bathroom—home to a standalone tub—is my haven. Epsom salt and lavender oil turn my evening baths into a cherished ritual. Soaking away the day’s stress, the soothing blend creates a serene atmosphere. Accompanied by Taylor Swift’s Folklore or Evermore, it’s a simple, luxurious way to unwind and pamper myself. A lavender-infused escape that promotes both physical and mental rejuvenation.

10. Unplugged Coffee Break | A Pause for Presence

Amidst the hustle of life, my solo coffee breaks have transformed into precious moments of unplugged simplicity, whether nestled in a favorite Starbucks corner or cozied up in the comfort of home. It’s more than merely sipping coffee. It becomes a conscious decision to step out of the chaos. Even as I navigate the demands of remote work, these breaks have become a cornerstone of mental clarity and mindfulness. They underline the importance of setting aside time for myself, offering a canvas to read a chapter in my devotional, pray, reflect, or journal—a small but impactful investment in my well-being.

And that’s a wrap on my wellness and beauty favorites in 2024 – from face towels to solo coffee moments. These aren’t just things; they’re the bits and pieces that make my day brighter. In the midst of the daily hustle, these choices ground me and remind me to appreciate the small stuff. So, here’s to embracing these simple moments. Thanks for reading! Until my next round of randoms – xx, Sarah

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