2023 Summer Style Guide

Curating outfits on the daily is something I’ve loved for years. It stemmed from a personal love for style, feeling put together, and the resulting confidence it builds. This passion naturally has influenced this space and it plays a huge role in the TSS mission. In my effort to source inspiration and provide you with the means to discover your style, I am always looking for new. Brainstorming, researching, discovering new series, new guides, new perspectives, and new ideas for your closet.

Summer is well underway, and while we’ve weeks of outfit ideas under our belts, the struggle of getting dressed remains. This season is hard. Despite all the confidence that comes from a well-curated outfit, Summer style hits different. There are shorts, swimsuits, skirts, dresses, and tops that surface insecurities and suppress certainty. I often resort to the ‘same old’ ways of wear, because it’s what I am used to and it’s worked in the past. Truth is, dull and dormant are often used to describe my Summer style. And my excitement for what I am wearing rarely parallels my excitement for the season itself. Let’s change that.

Don’t get me wrong, repeating looks and building them from solid formulas is never a bad thing. But trying new while I am already lacking confidence is not usually in my Summer style wheelhouse. All said, let’s find ways to convert this struggle and feel good in what we wear this season!

I am so excited to introduce my 4 part Summer Style guide series where I’ll topic 4 key Summer categories this month. I’ll be pulling outfits I’ve personally worn (and styled) in the past, into the process. As vulnerable as it is to share these looks I thought once worked, transparency is important. It’s also fun to take a stroll down memory lane and recognize just how much my style has evolved! I am hopeful this relative format will spark interest in your own style development.

Each week I’ll be sharing ways to improve our Summer style with simple tips to follow when getting dressed. Sometimes it’s a simple tweak of tucking in a top or switching out flats for sandals that make the difference. It’s time to give our Summer style and confidence a boost!

View all of our Summer style guide topics below:

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