Spring Workwear LOFT try on

Happy Thursday, friends! Boy am I excited to be sharing this Spring workwear Loft try on with you today. For starters, it’s been almost  a year since I stepped foot in a mall, much less a dressing room! As much as I love a good online shop, I have missed the luxury of shopping in store, trying the clothes on, and really getting a feel for them on before I (or you) consider the buy. Tho I made due and adapted at home that past year, my share has been budget restricted. In store try ons simply open up doors to an unlimited share of inventory and imo, are better all around for all of us!

With many states (including NC) taking a phase approach, the likelihood of resuming my weekly in-store try ons still may be a ways out. Dressing rooms for many retailers are still closed. Knowing this was most likely the case, I reached out to the manager, here at the Huntersville Loft.  She graciously granted access to a dressing room! Knowing y’all enjoyed prior Loft try ons, and considering many are slowly returning to work – I thought to focus my come back try on on Workwear!

I know the basis of my at home try ons the past year have topic’d loungewear. While I feel I did my best in providing the share of what was needed most, I still missed that creative outlet. Yes, several chapters back, the corporate world was a page in my story. And most days, my norm still flags everyday casual.  But that doesn’t mean I still don’t find enjoyment in the workwear search or dismiss it my style.  For lack of a better describe – workwear is still my jam!

Reading analytics and judging by polls, ya’ll love a Loft share. Loft seems to be the favorited retailer when it comes to workwear, too. Their selection is vast, with the majority of their pieces offered in petite and tall sizes. With my foot in the door to a dressing room, and all the perks of an instore try on at my fingertips, I’d love to kick off another Loft Workwear series this Spring. Like in past series, I’d incorporate at least one workwear try on each month in stories and an ongoing series here on the blog to ensure you’ve got those 9 to 5 looks covered!

This post will be the first in the Loft Spring Workwear series. You’ll be able to access all other future posts here. You can catch the full February workwear try on in my newly assigned Instagram workwear highlight. And lastly, all links with sizing details have been listed under each photo for a convenient shop.

Not only are all items work appropriate, but they are widely versatile and can easily be pulled from work to weekend. Let’s get to it!

houndstooth long knit blazer (2P) | pinstripe tunic shirt (SP) | high waist sculpt leggings (SP)

smocked yoke blouse (SP) | wide leg cropped pant (0)floral pleated puff sleeve top (SP) | high rise skinny ankle jeans (26P)
clip pleated sleeve blouse (XS) | high rise skinny ankle jeans (26P)
striped pleated puff sleeve top (XS) | tie waist slim ankle pant (0)
ruffle shift dress (0) | v-neck cardigan (XS) | houndstooth long knit blazer (2P)


Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

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