1st quarter clean beauty review

I am not sure what it is. Could be the start of the New Year, a few recent services I’ve treated myself to or simply that I haven’t shared much beauty review content here in a while, but I’ve had an itch to try out all things new the past couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, I have a tried and true regimen that I have religiously fined tuned. And when I find a product I love, I rarely stray from it. But there has been an itch.

Could be I am getting older, and my skin concerns have shifted. Could be the boom in clean beauty and my curiosity to research, experiment, and dig deep into the science behind it all (nerd alert, I know). Or could be the brands that I’ve grown to love, advocate for, and remain in regimen have launched new product. And like most, I simply want to give them all a try!

But, if you know me … the experiment isn’t random, nor simple. I’ve quite the pre-req list to mark off before it makes way to my cart and onto my bathroom counter. While I am open to trying new, I am not one to dive into the free samples you get with purchase. I’ve got to research, read reviews, and go thru the ingredient list with a fine tooth comb.

If you’ve followed me a while or have read any of my beauty content, you know my strong advocacy to choose clean. My choice for safer beauty in ongoing. As mentioned in most beauty topic’d posts, I do enjoy testing out other products to share and give honest opinion. However, I still opt the refusal if the products or brands do not align with my choice to choose safer. I take a deep look at the ingredients, brand’s mission, and transparency of them combined before I say yes to any sample, further partnership, or simply adding to cart!

I know you’re not here to read on the lengthy experimental process, but it’s important in my write to share it all.

So I’ve said yes to the try. Once in hand, I give the product a good two weeks. I want to give my skin, hair, and routine ample time to adjust and react to use. My skin isn’t too overly sensitive, but there have been delayed reactions and side effects from products used in the past. So, the 14 day go round seems to work well. I’ve also learned many ‘work’ better with consistent use, so giving the product time often results positive.

I am getting to the beauty review…. just a few more ‘side notes’ .. stick with me.

This narrow down was hard. I tried a lot of products. Several missed the mark, some grew on me, and all those listed today are bound to be on my repeat buy list! While it may be informative to learn what didn’t work, I want this first beauty review to reflect the winners. Just know what I share here is true and honest – nothing is ever shared without selection, consistent use, and thought.

The majority of these listed today I sought out myself. Granted, a few were sought from curiosity; A product made famous on Instagram is bound to peak interest. And the latter were sought to address skin concerns, and ease convenience of my everyday routine!

Today’s post outlines 12 new beauty products that have made the final quarterly cut! I say quarterly with hope to continue these beauty reviews in the future. By the looks of things, I don’t believe this itch to share more beauty is going away anytime soon. So, without further ado, my 1st quarter beauty review!

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil // This stuff is magic. Hoping to repair breakage and improve hair resilience, I’ve started using this every day before styling and can already see a difference! It strengthens hair, increases shine, minimizes frizz, and acts as a heat protectant all in one! Free of Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Phosphates, and Gluten to name a few – completely clean and soo good.

Honest Mascara // This mascara is good, y’all. I’ll be honest and say I’ve had a hard time making the clean switch with mascara. It’s hard to find one that gives good separation, volume, length and definition. I’ve accumulated quite the collection of mascara in my search for a favorite, and it says something that I’ve opted for Honest more often than none. This mascara does come duo sided with a primer to enhance volume. The primer is good, tho I feel not ‘enough’ unless applied in multiple coats. I’ve been using the mascara alone and it still delivers. 

Tula Balancing Act Toner Pads // Beautycounter discontinued the toner pads that I had religiously used in regimen. When I learned Tula released their balancing act toner pads, I immediately added to cart, knowing they’d serve similar. These are amazing! They instantly lift impurities, help to tighten the look of pores, and help balance your skin’s natural pH levels. I’ve added these into both my am and pm skin routines. They leave my skin feeling so refreshed – prepping my skin for makeup application in the am and removing any excess dirt and oil at night. 

Tula Eye Feel Amazing Cooling & Brightening Hydrogel Eye Mask // These are such a treat! These cool, hydrate, brighten the appearance of dark circles, and reduce under eye puffiness. And adding them in the fridge and popping these on in the am gives you a double dose of cooling; it feels heavenly. I’ve tried and use a few brands of under-eye gel patches. But what sets these apart from others is the structure – they do not slip. And I know that may sound silly, but others I’ve tried are so saturated with the acting serum that they slip and before you know it they’ve become more of a cheek mask than an under eye treatment. These stay put under your eyes. I wish these come in higher quantities than a pack of 4, but I’ve no problem buying these bulk!

Herbivore Phoenix Facial Oil // my skin has been extremely dry this Winter. I typically mix my facial oils with my moisturizer, but decided to make this a full step in my night time regimen to help combat those concerns. Just 2 or 3 drops is enough for use and it absorbs almost immediately leaving hardly any oily residue. This is intended for dry skin and really helps to lock in the moisture while protecting against any further dryness or environmental heat. Definitely one to consider if you’re experiencing any dryness or uneven skin tone.

Dermilogica Biolumin C Eye Serum // I received a sample of this from my aesthetician and fell in love with it. All this talk of how good Vitamin C is for your skin, I must remember the most delicate skin (around our eye area) needs Vitamin C, too! This lightweight serum delivers a highly-bioavailable Vitamin C complex to the skin around the eyes to dramatically brighten and visibly firm. I can definitely see and feel a difference having used it only 2 months!

Revitabrow Eyebrow Advanced Conditioner // I love a good brow, tho years of plucking have left me with little to work with. I’ve recently discovered brow lamination to help with the appearance of thick brows, but the treatment wears down after while and I am still left filling in my brows each day. Recommended by my brow gal, I’ve been applying this conditioner to the areas where growth is sparse and have already seen a difference! They say consistency sees the most results – am hoping it pays off and my brows no longer need that daily fill in. 

Gimme Beauty Hair ties // to say that I am obsessed with these is an understatement. I’ve gone thru 1000s of hair ties over the years and none hold up to the hype as these do. They’ve hair ties for every type of hair, wash and hold well,  and leave zero crease! Available in a ton of color options, too! Save 25% with SARAHSTORIESBLOG25.

Tula So Smooth Resurfacing & Brightening Fruit Enzyme mask // This has easily become one of my favorites in the Tula line. I love it, as it’s one of those products where you know the ingredients within are doing their job upon application and you can feel immediate results thereafter. Natural pineapple, pumpkin & pomegranate enzymes combine with gentle acids to exfoliate and polish your skin. Another that works best over time to help soften and even skin tone. As with all Tula products, you can save 15% with SARAHSTORIES.

Dime Beauty Eyelash Boost Serum // I’d heard of and seen such great results from using this lash growth serum, so I thought to give it a try. I know it sounds silly, but I truly started to see growth from use within a matter of days! This is another that’s said to render the best results with consistent use, so I am excited to see the lengths these lashes go! Save 20% with SARAHSTORIESBLOG20.

Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer // I’ve been an avid shape tape user for a while, but was noticing it settle into the fine lines and drying out my skin. I made the switch to this creamy concealer and haven’t looked back since. It immediately made the beauty review cut! I love that it conceals the appearance of undereye circles, dark spots, and imperfections while simultaneously working to improve my skin overtime! As seen on site, it’s undetectable coverage with skin-care benefits.

Beautycounter The Clean Deo // I made the switch to a natural deodorant back in 2018 and was extremely excited to see Beautycounter’s new deodorant release. Available in 3 scents, I’ve been using the fresh coconut for a little over a month now. This long-lasting, hardworking deodorant neutralizes odor and absorbs sweat to keep you feeling fresh all day, every day. Free of aluminum, it glides on smoothly and leaves zero white residue. Not only is it safer for use, but it’s a safer option for the environment as well; It’s refillable!

There you have it, my top favorites for the quarter. I’m beyond excited for this beauty review series and hope you all are too! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

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