2021 Spring Capsule Wardrobe | + 32 outfit ideas

2021 Spring Capsule Wardrobe | + 32 outfit ideas

Hello friends! It’s here! I am beyond excited to share with you my 2021 Spring Capsule Wardrobe! For Spring’s feature, I granted subscribers the first look, with all access now open. Whether you’re subscribed or you’ve landed here from mere curiosity, I hope this post helps answer questions you may have about capsule wardrobes, it’s process, the benefits, and more so – be a source of inspiration when building your own this season!

Having curated capsules for almost 3 years now, I learned the building process gets easier with time. If you follow the building process consistently (more in my ‘how to get started guide’), your closet becomes one you’re proud of. You’re more particular and mindful of each new addition and every piece miraculously holds purpose. Season after season, you get more of a return on your time and investments. What once took a week to build, now takes days.

That said – going into this Spring capsule build, I thought it would be similar to last. I’d experienced an easier build last Fall and thought the transition to Spring would be just as simple. It was easier, but truthfully this seasonal transition took a bit longer than I thought.

Following protocol, I started this 2021 Spring capsule build with a closet clean out. I purged and went thru items I no longer wore. I accessed all in closet, and first noted what I could pull into this season. This then red flagged all I should stop buying. The culprit – sweaters upon sweaters upon sweaters. I had so many, ya’ll it’s comical. Type A and one to go crazy in a clean out, it’s typical for me to just throw it all into a donate pile and not even think about it. This time around, I went thru each item (those sweaters included) and sought purpose. Could I wear this in Spring? Would I want to wear it next Fall? Do I feel good in it?

What I ended up with was enlightening. Different from past builds, my storage pile had grown significantly. Which told me two things: 1. The return on my investments was in fruition. That benefit of capsule building was paying off and my Fall 2021 build would be a breeze. 2. While the crazy clean out is freeing each season, I hadn’t much capitalized on storing warmer weather pieces in past builds. I’d need to fill quite a few voids in my Spring closet.

With more gaps in my wardrobe this go-round, and my goal to be more mindful of the pieces I add to closet, the build naturally took longer. Following routine, I sought out inspiration on Pinterest. I developed a color palette I loved and felt best in. I wrote out outfits upon outfits. And finally, finally .. I settled on 41 pieces I am beyond excited to feature. All of them I feel comfortable in, are versatile, and reflect my personal style this season.

The end all lesson here? Capsule building is a practiced process. I learn more about my style and it’s investment in every build. And while it gets easier, the process has no time limit. As much as these capsule builds educate readers, they’ve likewise taught me a thing or two.

Last year, I made the decision to exclude shoes and accessories in my capsule shares. Instead of restricting myself to x amount, I feel more free and creative when I grant myself free rein. In the outfit inspiration below, I do include what I’d choose to wear with each look shown for style ideas.

And lastly, like I’ve mentioned in past – By no means do I suggest grabbing all of these items. The intent in building a capsule is to start with the items you have beforehand and progress from there. (be sure to check out my updated ‘How to get started guide’ [linked above for download] to chat all the ins and outs of capsule building.) If you have some of these items, yay! We’ve similar style! If you have similar items, go ahead and replace my example for your own. If you love my color palette, or any of the outfits pieced together, please use the inspiration! My hope in sharing this Spring capsule is to shed light on the benefits of a minimal wardrobe, see the versatility in each chosen piece, and ease any doubt in the ability to create your own!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the 2021 Spring capsule, with links to the items. I’ve also linked similar items in lieu of if they’re no longer available.

leather jacket | black blazer | sweater blazer | drape trench | rain jacket | utility star jacket | pom cardigan | green knit cardigan | graphic sweatshirt | crewneck sweatshirt

pop over pink sweater tee | black central shirt | graphic tee | pink scoop neck tee | white vintage tee | striped tee | white eyelet top | chambray button up | striped puff sleeved top | neutral blouse | white button down tunic | taupe sweater | long sleeve henley | oversized boyfriend tee | solid layering tank | cropped layering tank | loose fitting tank | v-neck seamless bodysuit | scoop neck bodysuit

leopard print maxi dress | floral midi skirt | t-shirt dress | floral mini skirt | denim shorts | black skinny overalls | joggers | faux leather leggings | Mom jeans | white cropped straight jeans | distressed skinny jeans | solid skinny jeans

Below I’ve put together 32 outfits using only the items listed in the capsule. This is just a fraction of the looks one can create! Feel free to accessorize as desired!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

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