4 Spring workwear inspired looks from Loft

What is it about Spring that piques my interest in workwear?  Just looking at my post line up, I tend to topic workwear right about this time every year. Must be something about the newness of the season. We’ve all been cooped up inside all Winter; Bringing the office a little color and vibrancy is exciting, am I right? Yes,…


Back to school Teacher outfits from Target

Hello friends! It’s that time of year, can you believe it? As I sit here in silence, I can only imagine the noise and chaos happening in the kids’ classrooms. God bless our teachers. Your loyalty, patience, time, and support does not go unnoticed. Without you, we’d be at a loss. As a parent, I truly appreciate the God given gift…


work from home J.Crew haul

When I think of workwear, I have a few top brands that come to mind. J.Crew is one of them. In the corporate world, J.Crew ranked high on my style list. I remember browsing thru the seasonal catalog, dreaming up my next meeting’s attire. My office has since then changed to a dining room table, or off entry way den,…


Spring Workwear LOFT try on

Happy Thursday, friends! Boy am I excited to be sharing this Spring workwear Loft try on with you today. For starters, it’s been almost  a year since I stepped foot in a mall, much less a dressing room! As much as I love a good online shop, I have missed the luxury of shopping in store, trying the clothes on,…

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