A safer gift guide for the beauty lover

Happy Wednesday, my friends! Today’s gift guide is a good one – tangent to the gift guide for her, I’ve put together gift ideas for the beauty lovers in your life! Aligning with my choice for safer beauty, today’s guide shares options sourced with a higher standard of safety and quality.

I know, there are a TON of beauty gifting options out there this season – with reason. When thinking gifts, the majority of ideas for the ladies often center around beauty products. It’s a go-to and often well received. What girly girl doesn’t love a new shadow palette under the tree or the newest lengthening mascara? I know they’re both on my list!

All said, Â beauty product awareness is extremely important and I cannot dismiss the reality of the industry, today. The US hasn’t passed a major federal law governing the cosmetics industry since 1938. The EU bans over 1400 ingredients from personal care products, while the US bans or restricts 30. That we cannot ‘un-know’. And it means the ingredients in the products you and I use every day could be harmful to you and those you love. Harsh, but very raw and real.

So why gift my beauty obsessed bestie the newest knowing this reality? In putting this guide together, I wanted to really focus in on the good stuff. The better stuff. Today’s guide features gifts you know she’ll not only love, but more importantly are safer, hold a higher standard, and opt you a #betterbeauty choice this season.

I know this guide below may seem a bit familiar to last years share, but rest assure I’ve revamped and re-linked this guide to reflect items available for the 2020 Holiday season.

  1. Foreo Luna Mini2 // This little gadget, tho small, can do wonders for your skin. It’s an enhanced, more effective way to cleanse your skin. This tool helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores and removes dirt and oil. What’s even more neat, is that you can customize the intensity of massage based on your skin hydration levels with an app! Choose from four of her favorite colors.
  2. Dyson Hair dryer: This is on wishlist. Tho on the high end, I’ve read many reviews, all saying it’s well worth the investment. It holds a motor with ability to dry your hair meaning little to no damage to your hair and has a ton of temperature style settings included.
  3. Mini fridge // Is this necessary? Probably not, but it there’s evidence to suggest that cold skin care helps decrease swelling and redness. Plus – it’s indulgent and soothing to the skin. Pampering is a justifiable excuse in my book! I have this one, and love it!
  4. Sensor makeup mirror // So I realize this particular mirror shown would be an investment, but I promise you – every beauty lover has dreamt about it! This cordless and rechargeable makeup mirror magnifies five times while allowing you to see your entire face all at once, distortion free and in exceptional detail. The LED light mimics natura light, helping her with makeup application. Really – what Beauty babe wouldn’t love this under the tree?
  5. Curling wand trio // It’s rare she treats herself, now’s the time to gift her the T3 curling wand trio she’s been eyeing! The Twirl Trio includes three barrels (1″, 1.25″ and 1.5″) and an interchangeable base to create an array of looks for any hair length or occasion.
  6. Rose Quartz Roller // Just reading on all the benefits of skin rolling, I am picking this up for myself. (Thanks, Boo!) It’s said to help visibly contour, de-puff, and seal in skincare for face and body. Perfect for those beauty lovers in your life!
  7. Pure Silk pillowcase // I have yet to try out one these, but the benefits do entice! A traditional cotton pillowcase can scratch, tug on skin, and twist hair.  It leaves you with sleep creases, damaged hair and bedhead by morning. Slip silk is so gentle, it allows skin and hair to glide across the surface—protecting and hydrating skin, reducing split ends, and ensuring a longer-lasting blow out. This set also comes with a coordinating sleep mask!
  8. GloPRO // Let’s talk pampering. Yes, a spa gift certificate would be nice, tho the convenience and ability to pamper at home, as often as you wish is far more desirable and cost efficient. The GlowPro allows her the benefits of a spa procedure, but at home. Any beauty babe would squeal in excitement upon opening either.
  9. Facial Steamer // Another pampering tool I am all for! The Area facial steamer is designed to clear pores and stimulate circulation. It hydrates and softens the skin’s surface, detoxifying your pores of impurities and dead skin cells. A beauty lover essential!
  10. Billie Razor // This is all the rave right now. A subscription service, magnetic handle .. so convenient!
  11. Dry shampoo sampler// Gift her the tools to extend those hair wash days! This set is perfect, providing 4 scents of my fave Drybar dry shampoo. She can try ’em all out, see which one best fits her hair type and narrow down her favorite!
  12. Lipstick holder // Isn’t this the prettiest way to display all her lippys? This would look gorgeous on any vanity or counter!
  13. Gimme beauty hair bands // I’ve heard such great things about these bands!
  14. Best of Sigma brush set // There’s something about these brushes that truly make a difference in application. These cruelty free brushes are extremely well made, where the bristles do not fall out, or apart. They also come with a 2 year warranty.
  15. Neulash // Rid her the bill of lash extension refills and gift her this lash enhancing serum to produce the same noticeable lashes! I haven’t tried this, tho from reviews am convinced it works!
  16. Bright Side duo // I’ve shared this power couple before and love the benefit of both in my skincare regimen. Let her treat her skin day and night with a dose of Vitamin C and clarifying skin renewal formula.
  17. Get the Look // Gift her all she needs to take her everyday look to the next level. Choose from 3 ‘get the look’ customizable sets. Each set includes: an eye shadow palette, eyeliner, bronzer or highlighter, and lipstick.
  18. Countertime Radiant Skin set // The Radiance serum is such a treat for your skin. It visibly increases skin firmness and elasticity, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This set includes a facial roller to help promote the serum’s absorption and increase circulation.
  19. Beyond gloss trio // I’ve recently discovered these new BC lip glosses and love them. They give you all the shine you want and condition in the process of wear. This set gives her 3 popular shades to glam up her lip game.
  20. Tula Eye balm Wonderland Trio // Three of my favorite balms in one! Love the instant cooling, tint of glow, and coverage of these three balms! Save 15% with ‘SARAHSTORIES’
  21. Lash money mini mascara set  // Gift her a clean sampler set to take her lashes to new lengths!
  22. Ever Lavish // This body butter is incredible. This LE lavender scent is available only once a year, so I make sure to stock up when I can. If she loves lavender, she will love this creamy rich decadent formula proven to soften and protect your skin.
  23. Derma E Vitamin C Bright eyes Hydro gel patches // Vitamin C is said to be soo good for your skin. These patches give my skin a treat! Caffeine, Allantoin, Vit. C and B3 help to smooth, hydrate, de-puff, and brighten the under eye area.
  24. Tula Confidence collective set // Gift her the gift of clean skin with Tula’s top selling skin essentials. This set holds the best of the best – including my favorite brightening balm, face filter primer, and cult classic cleanser! Save 15% with ’SARAHSTORIES’.

    Hopefully this safer beauty guide helps find those on list a few safer gifts this season! Shopping for other recipients? Catch all other guides here. Until next week – Happy Shopping!


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