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Two guides in one week? Yes! Today I’ve another addition to our Holiday gift guide series! If you’ve followed along on Instagram this week, I’ve teamed up with friends to share all sorts of ideas for gifting this season. We know many are shopping early this year, so we’ve planned to source you with guides galore! Revamping last year’s extensive guides are still in play. I’ve shared ideas for every her, and more specifically – a safer guide for the beauty lover. I’ve also taken all ideas and sourced them per price point under the Holiday tab. Next week, I’ll tackle the men in your life, but first – it’s time to chat the kiddos.

Today channels gifting a bit differently – and here’s why. Gifts for the kids often go overboard – agreed? I believe in part, it’s due to our children’s innocent expectations of Christmas. Innocent, because our society praises the ‘more the merrier’ mindset. There’s no harm in circling all their favorites in the Target toy catalog (RIP ToysRUs) and even adding to it as the season goes on. It’s something I loved doing each year growing up and it’s a part of the Holiday nostalgia. But, it’s when we adhere to society’s standard and leverage Christmas on quantity that the value of selection and the nature of gifting is lost.

We as parents, love – love – the excitement seen on their faces come Christmas morning. How about that Barbie house, …her smile was the biggest we’ve seen yet. Or that Playstation? “Let’s hook it up now, Dad!” But it doesn’t ever end there, does it? They’ve a ton of others on list yet to open. All bought from the false belief that ‘more is better’. All those red penned items you spent hours tracking down may have worn the budget thin, but we purchase them anyway, convinced it will make Christmas the ‘best one yet’. If I am being really honest – our justification in spend is slightly selfish as parents, knowing we too live for those moments of joy, acceptance, and ‘best gift’ awards – am I right?

Let’s rid leveraging Christmas on quantity. Let’s narrow it down. All said – parallel to my 2018 and 2019 guides, today’s guide focuses on the 4 gift method. I’ve broken down today’s Holiday gift guide for kids into four sections – gifts they need, ones they’ll read, gifts to wear, and gifts they want. The idea is to gift one from each of the four categories. My hope in continuing this method year after year, I’ll instill the value of selection, and reset expectations to recognize less is always more.

Gifts they want

Note – These items listed are specific to both Ellie (7) and Jonah’s (10) interests this year. For the most part, all were taken right out of the Target Holiday catalog! I highly recommend picking up a catalog (or two) for your little ones to experience the fun of list making/circling! This way you can ensure what they’re eyeing this year and choose accordingly!

1. Gaming headset // This is one of Jonah’s top asks. Very high tech and professional if you ask me! But, he truly enjoys gaming and think these will ‘make’ the experience that much more enjoyable.
2. Spiderman Miles Moroles PS4 game // Jonah has been waiting in anticipation of this release. He has told me it’s a good one to put on list for ya’ll. I trust his gaming expertise!
3. Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Extreme Challenger battle set // Jonah loves the thrill of a tournament. So much that he’s taken his other stadium to school to play at recess with his friends. Guess it’s the thrill of seeing who’s blade can withstand the run!
4. Nintendo Switch // As Patrick describes it, it’s the new ‘game boy’ to us oldies. The hype is understood, I guess!
5. Nintendo Switch carrying case // One must have the accessories!
6. Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! // Jonah has loved collecting and finding Pokemon cards this year. It’s only natural his Nintendo Switch game of choice is Pokemon related.
7. Lego Disney Belle’s Castle Winter celebration // This past year Ellie has grown to love all of the Disney princess characters. This Halloween we saw both Snow White and Elsa make their debut in our home. She loves seeing her brother piece together legos and has developed an interest of her own.
8. Polly Pocket Pollyville Playhouse // Without fail, some sort of ‘house’ always arrives on list. Her mind is so creative when it comes to make-believe and I love providing her with toys that spark imagination.
9. FailFix Total Makeover doll // This is new on her list this year, tho seems fun to be the stylist giving her doll the ultimate makeover.
10. Hatchimals Colleggtibles and Twisty Petz // While I am not entirely sure her fascination with these small toys, I think the idea of collecting and the experience of ‘seeing what you get’ is something we all think fun. I do also think either of these would work well as stocking stuffers, too.

Gifts they Need

11. Relay // Just found these and am highly considering this for both kids. They provide you a way to stay connected to your kids without given them a cell phone. They run off wifi or an LTE network and act as a cell phone/walkie – talkie between you and your kids. We could easily send one with Ellie to dance class or leave at home with Jonah so they’ll both be prepared if a situation arises when they might need to get a hold of us. These also offer you a way to talk to your kids on the school bus or at sports practice without giving them access to screens or apps.
12. ‘Ready to Rise’ alarm clock // Ellie’s getting better at learning when it’s best to get up in the am, tho there is the occasional 5am wake up disrupting our slumber. Designed to look like an adorable robot, the multi-function clock uses facial expressions and changing colors to communicate passing time. It also includes a nightlight, alarm clock, soothing bedtime sounds, and a nap timer.
13. Quip kids electric toothbrush //We are a quip household! All four of us have quip toothbrushes and love them! Upon registration, you’ve a subscription brush head and battery delivered automatically. They’ve a built-in timer, quadrant pulse to clean evenly and a smaller brush head to accommodate smaller teeth.
14 – 15. Crayons, colored-pencils //Both Ellie and Jonah love to draw and color. Santa usually replaces their color stash each year.
16. Booklight // Ever so often I find Jonah reading at night in his bed with only his closet light for guidance! This will do the trick – a fun and sophisticated gift to receive!
17. Swoop-like Bag // These were included on last year’s gift guide and I couldn’t recommend them enough! These offer a quick source of clean up and storage option! Lego’s begone with one clean swoop!
18. Osmo Genius // A fun and modern way to learn, develop problem solving skills and explore creativity on your iPad.
19. Holiday themed sheets // I know they may not enjoy this gift as much as I will, tho the fun characters may put a slight smile on their face! Nothing like a new themed set of flannel sheets for the Winter!
20. Waterbottle // By Christmas, their daily school water bottles are on their last days. Replacements on the way!
21. Kids table // Ours is in dire need of replacement! This set will work well in our playroom – providing them both a quiet place to do their homework or color.

Gifts to wear

22 – 23. Christmas pjs // Every year we grab the kids a themed pair of pjs. I just love this gown option for Ellie.
24 – 25. Character wear // I laugh as I type this out, because both Ellie and Jonah know I am not one to give in to character clothing. There’s just something about it that I am not all in for. But, I know when they do receive their choice of character to wear, they are so excited that “Mom actually allowed it!” This year I am opting a Frozen set for Ellie and Pokemon hoodie for Jonah.
26. Wireless headphones // Both enjoy their time on their iPads and I know Ellie will love these cute handsfree headphones.
27. Hats // These hats are a great affordable option, and super cute!
28. Bows, hair clips, scrunchies // These handmade clippys are the cutest! I’ve been grabbing these for Ellie since she was young. The shop owner is the sweetest and has made clips upon request!  We also have these affordable velvet scrunchies that Ellie and I both share!
29. Backpack // Based on reviews this looks like a great investment item. Something they’ll use for school and trips, alike. Comes in a variety of colors, and sizes. They are noted to be durable, waterproof and made to last forever. Also designed to evenly distribute weight in order to avoid back issues. A win in my book!
30. Weighted blanket // I’ve had my eye on one of these for myself! Provides much benefit and comfort – I sure hope they share!
31. Rain boots // Once the rain hits, I absolutely hate to see their sneakers drenched from lack of a proper shoe. Solving the problem this year and opting them each a nice pair of rain boots!
32 – 33. Cold weather gear // I always send the kids to school with a layering hoodie, making sure they are prepared for outdoor recess. These hoodies at Target are affordable for girls and are always offered in a variety of colors and prints. Jonah enjoys the Under Armour hoodies, ideal after games and hockey practice. If in cooler climates, these Patagonia down sweater jackets (for boys, for girls) provide optimal warmth!

Gifts to Read

34. Divergent Series // Probably more for established and older elementary aged, tho none the less a great series that teaches courage and self sacrifice.
35-36. Girls empowerment coloring books // It’s so important to instill positivity in young kids these days. Anything that supports a positive mindset is something I support. The cute illustrations are an added bonus! I’ve linked both gender options.
37. Harry Potter // Need I explain? A great option for any child with a colorful imagination.
38. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series // Jonah absolutely loves these books and I believe has read each of them at least twice! If the chronicles of Greg’s misadventures result in endless hours of reading, I am all for it!
39. Bookroo // I just came across this subscription box and know the kids will love something new to read each month! You can choose your specific age group and type of book per subscription! What a fun way to ‘go to the library’ without leaving the house!
40 – 41. Learn to Draw, How to draw // Both kids love to draw and I know they’ll both love these activity books. I’ve chosen based on interest this year, tho they’ve a ton of other topics to choose from.
42. Draw Right Now // Tangent to ‘Learn to Draw’ listed above, this combines learning to draw with handwriting practice and I know Ellie will love it!
43. Dogman Series // One of Jonah’s favorite series. He looks forward to each new book that comes out and is done with it by next day. A guaranteed top request at the book fair each year.
44. Junie B. Jones Series // We just love Junie’s Kindergarten mishaps and unique take on the world! A fun and witty read for all genders!
45. Dr. Seuss // You really cannot go wrong with Dr. Seuss!
46. Lego Creations //Jonah loves to build and create things on his own with his legos. Sometimes a little inspiration is all he needs to unleash creativity! This book offers step by step ideas to build! A great rainy day or quiet time activity.
47. Magic Tree House Series //These books are great for early readers and offer a slow progression into chapter reading. The characters are easy to keep track of with occasional illustrations to keep attention. Both Ellie and Jonah love the educational stories and are eager to learn more with the corresponding non fiction ‘fact tracker’ series. A great library building source!
48. Jane Austen Series // A collection honoring Jane Austen’s literary greatness and makes an excellent gift for the Jane Austen reader.

Hopefully this guide helps minimize both the search and giving this season! Until next week – xoxo

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

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