8 sweaters best for your wardrobe this Fall

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Sweaters are undoubtedly essential this time of year. Crisp mornings and cooler nights call for layers on hand. Retailers take note, and it seems the inclusion of knits is required in all new product launches. Simply put, they’re everywhere. Different colors, fabrics, styles. And with my love for sweaters running as deep as it is, there’s little effort to convince the buy. One can only imagine my closet knit count over the years.

Knowing the value of a minimal closet, the process of elimination is set in motion at the start of each season. In truth, it was extremely difficult choosing which sweaters best in my current capsule wardrobe. With so many styles, fabrics, colors and textures – I understand the overwhelm.

Today’s post outlines a guide to the sweaters I’ve found best for Fall. You certainly don’t need every one I’ve listed, but I’ve found value, versatility and benefit including each of these in my wardrobe’s ‘kit of knits‘.

While you ultimately hold the reigns on what is added and eliminated in your own wardrobe, my hope is to simply make the process easier and to shed light on what I’ve found the most versatile, functional, and style practical.

cable knit/fisherman: In truth, as I sat down to write reasoning on why this type of sweater is best, I didn’t have much other than the fact that I love them. This type of style was the first I ever owned in closet, proving it classic and the style timeless. A quick google search led me to learn that they are made with functionality in mind, as they’re meant to keep you warm in colder months. The fabric is often made of cotton and wool fibers and the sleeves are ribbed and tapered toward your wrist, ensuring cold breezes don’t make their way into the sweater. The more you know, am I right?

crewneck: Another hard-working sweater that has a permanent spot in my knit kit. I’ll add, it’s by far the most versatile in the bunch. You can dress it up and layer your crewneck over a button-down shirt or even dress. Keep it classy by wearing it with a simple pair of trousers or your favorite jeans. Or take it business casual and add a blazer over the top.

cashmere: Personally, I’ve crowned the cashmere sweater queen of essentials. They’re the ultimate luxury when it comes to sweaters, tho a proven valuable investment. Reigning in sustainability, luxury, acclimation, and versatility, having one (or several) in closet is always good idea.

half zip or polo: Not only do both of these sweater styles provide versatility, they bring in an element of nostalgia when worn. A modern throwback twist I am all for. Whether you’re working from home, at the office, or out running weekend errands, this sweater satisfies all three and beyond. I’ll wear it at home whilst writing, throw it on with trousers and mules for days I’ve school events, and pull it over leggings when running errands or meeting friends for coffee.

striped Breton: This classic, prep print works well in every closet. I’ve always loved stripes and while they’re included in every seasonal capsule in one way or another, the merge of print and sweater just make my style heart swoon. You can opt the timeless navy and white stripe, or sway to other neutral pairings that fit within the seasonal color palette.

Stripe pullover distressed Agolde jeans Sept outfit idea

turtleneck: No knitwear collection is complete without a turtleneck. They’re cozy, warm and simply put, fit with the season. As far as color choice, you cannot go wrong with dark neutrals. Black or navy are both optimal in terms of versatility. Tho opting for beige or even white works beautifully depending on your chosen wardrobe. I love to utilize fitted styles as layers and opt oversized when wearing leggings, high waisted jeans, or skirts.

cardigan: This list would not be complete without the classic cardigan. There’s no denying it’s versatility. And while this piece occupies closet space year round, heavier knits are the favorite come Fall.

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sweater coat: While I feel this leans more towards outerwear, I’d be amiss if I left out this essential layering piece. This hybrid wardrobe essential is perfect for transitional weather, and living in NC, it’s proven necessary this season. It has the structure and silhouette of a coat but is made of a soft knit fabric we all love in a sweater.

cut and feel:

When adding to closet, the goal for most is to aim for longevity. If you want a sweater that you know will be with you for the long haul, staying away from synthetic yarns containing acrylic, rayon, and/or polyester is key. Sweaters made of natural fibers like cashmere, wool, or cotton are best.

Aside from it’s fabrication, the fit is of equal importance. As mentioned and exampled above, I’ve gone further and outlined a few popular types and their benefits below.

oversized: Ahh, I love a good oversized sweater. They’re comfy, cozy and warm! Having one on hand is ideal for lazy weekends, cold nights in, or even when you’ve a last minute meet up for coffee. I of course, love these paired with leggings, skinny jeans (yes – I am still, and will forever be wearing them), straight cropped jeans, or belted over a maxi dress.

fitted: Ideal for layering, the fitted sweater provides just as much versatility and warmth as the latter. Reversing the roll above, I like to balance the bottoms loose. Wide leg trousers or distressed 90s jeans are often my pick when styling this knit.

chunky: Chunky knits or those that mimic a blanket, are often oversized and hold all the same benefits of such. Wear them around the house, throw on some jeans and boots to run errands or grab coffee, or pair it with a midi skirt and heels for a night out. The possibilities are endless.

cropped: While the oversized 90s style has recycled back in, looking like you are drowning in a sea of clothing has never been my cup of tea. How and what you wear this fit with is where the value comes into play. A cropped sweater spotlights curves, brings shape and restores balance when worn. Opting this sweater when wearing straight leg jeans or loose fitting bottoms helps to bring balance and prevent a shapeless fit. I also love to front tuck them into high waisted jeans or pencil skirts to draw the eye to the accentuated waist.

textured: This is a broad category, yet having at least one textured sweater in closet will provide a ton of versatility and character to your fit. A waffle knit, fuzzy, ribbed, or even a subtle embellished sweater for those special occasions is ideal. Combine texture with color or a classic stripe to bring in fuller contrast and versatility.

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