the return of combat boots & ways to wear them

the return of combat boots & ways to wear them

The older I get, the more I recognize the fashion recycle. It started off with boyfriend jeans and tie dye – cropped tops, scrunchies, and oversized sweatshirts soon followed. Fashion trends of the 90s seem to have come full circle with the return of combat boots. I know they’ve always been around, they just dropped off our style radar for a few years. Guess the cycle lies in the definition of trend.

While your girl held a few pairs of Doc Martens in closet, lace up boots weren’t my first choice back then. They often hit mid calf and didn’t flatter my height. Add in my boyfriend jeans and oversized hyper color Stuci shirt – I would have been a stomping ball of fabric. My 7th grade style may have been a struggle, but I like to think I held some sort of fashion awareness.

I’ll note, Mary Janes were more my thing. Denim, oversized shirt, and good ol’ Mary Janes. Maybe the occasional choker. See what I mean about the recycle? Ha – even as I draft this post, I am sitting in an oversized band tee sweatshirt. Touche.

But enough down memory lane. The combat boot is back and widely popular. And while I didn’t opt in for much of the trend then, I’d be lying if I said it similar now. I may still be short, but years have taught me ways to accentuate my height and style those trends I once missed out on. Today’s post shares a few ways I’ve styled combat boots this season. Currently, I’ve two pairs – One a more trendy heeled lace up, and the other a traditional flat black.  At end, I’ve included a variety of options available if you’re opting in this time around.

Wear with leggings // Leggings and combat boots are one of my favorite ‘get ready quick’ combos. To balance out the skinny fit of leggings, you can wear an oversized sweater or larger coat. I’ve played with several different types of leggings – simple black, faux leather, and printed.

Wear with denim // I really think combat boots can be worn with any type of denim – but if you’re on the shorter side like I am, balance and proportion is more noticeable. Skinny jeans balance the larger boot in the same way leggings do. So, those are easy. Looser fitting jeans, are larger in themselves, so you want to offset the bulk by tucking in your top or wearing something more fitted up above. You can also roll the bottom of your boyfriend jeans to show off the boot.

Wear with a dress // This style combines a little feminine with edge and I am 100% here for it! Dresses have really come to play a prevalent role in my style and discovering new ways of wear is so much fun! Wear alone with boot socks or add in leggings or tights on cooler days.

There you have it – my thoughts on this style recycle and a few ways to wear them! If you’ve opted in to this style trend, how will you wear them? I’d love to know! Dm me on Instagram or leave a comment below! As always, thanks for stopping by!

a few other combat boot options available

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