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*This post has been updated to reflect items available for the 2019 Holiday season

Happy Thursday, ya’ll! I still cannot believe it’s November already – Last week I stepped into Target and you would have thought Santa’s elves and crew had moved in. Christmas, already?! It’s not even Thanksgiving! It’s so hard to not think about gifting with Christmas being on display the minute Halloween ends. Gifting in general can be a struggle, especially for the MEN in your life.. am I right, ladies?! They are THE hardest to shop for! For this week’s gift guide, I recruited my other half to do some of the search. After looking at all the recs he’s found and approved, I just might be shopping this guide for reference! At least I know they’ll all be well received! Without further ado, here are some ideas for all the men in your life!

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Magnetuck shirt stays – These are quite possibly the coolest little gadgets I’ve seen. (could also make a great stocking stuffer, too!) They’ve proven useful in keeping those office shirts and uniforms looking sharp!

Hydroflask – These bottles are more than just another bottle! They claim to keep your beverage cold or hot for hours, and well.. it really does! Fill a water bottle at 9am with ice cold water, and come back at 9pm and it’s still ice cold. Gift those fitness buffs a way to ensure hydration!

Razor subscription/set – I gifted this a few years back and it’s been such a convenient way to replenish razors for my guy. You can grab the starter sets now at Target for less than $10! If they like the razor and coordinating mens products (shaving cream, after shave, etc) you can set up a customized subscription- the gift that keeps on giving!

Infrared Thermometer – My husband states this is the only tool you need for grilling out (besides the grill). Hands down, his favorite tool in the kitchen. More so, it also acts as his trusty gadget to tackle those to-dos around the house. He can make sure home appliances are in check, automotive maintenance is up to par, and as stated, his famous grilled steak is cooked to perfection. An all around perfect tool for the ‘man of the house’.

Fleece Pullover – Such a classic gift to unwrap come Christmas morning. My husband loves to wear these with jeans or over khakis for a dressy casual look. These are warm and priced relatively well, considering the name brand. A few other options of equal quality are here, and here.

Wallet – These slim wallets are the perfect guy gift; Unless your guy loves to carry around a bulky wallet, this slim and stylish one fits the bill. Made of genuine leather, it will hold up to any wear and tear. A stylish and practical gift any minimalist will love.

Sunglasses – Having a pilot for a husband, he’s always enjoyed a good pair of sunglasses. Comfort and clarity are key and Oakleys have always proven a good source. These are a high rated option to consider if you are on the hunt for a classic wood grain look. No matter the profession, a high quality pair is always well received.

ExOfficio Underwear – I know this may seem silly to gift, but it’s a good option to give, trust me! Just as women like a certain brand of underwear (VS anyone?), men enjoy a good pair as well. The fabric of these stays soft overtime and it’s moisture wicking. From a consensus these are, by far, a favorite amongst the men in my life.

Watch band – You grabbed him the iWatch last year, let him switch out the default band for this new masculine one! This one in particular is made of 550 military spec para-cord, which can be very useful in a survival situation! If the men in your life are sans iWatch, this survival para-cord bracelet is a useful alternative. Device or no, this ultimate survival gear gift proves stylish and practical!

Wireless headphones – Allow him to listen to those tunes, talk radio, or podcasts – sans wire! A great option for commuters, athletes, and music lovers.

My Pillow – I never would have guessed over 16 years of marriage that a pillow would be his all time favorite gift. But really, gifting him a customized pillow catered to his style of sleep has granted him a more restful night’s sleep over the past year than years combined. And really – what guy doesn’t look forward to bedtime anyway? 😉

Multi device charging station – Um..perfect gift. Anyone else’s kitchen counter act as the catch all to his electronic devices? A charging station for an iPad, iWatch, and our iPhones all at the same time is not only a genius idea, but could grant her back the counter space she’s lost for so long! An organization tool catered to him really is a win-win for all! A few other top rated options I’ve seen are here and here.

Leatherman tool – What guy wouldn’t want one of these? I feel I have to list this classic, as it always takes the top gift spot. Going straight to the source, this one listed, is my guy’s rec. It’s one handed operable, and more importantly, guaranteed with a 25 year purchase warranty. A practical gift any man would love.

Hopefully these recs will ease the shop for the men in your life! I’ve created a tab at the top of my main blog page titled ‘GIFT GUIDES’ for easy access to all the other guides this season. Stay tuned for more to come!




  1. Ashley
    November 11, 2018 / 7:19 pm

    My husband loves getting socks and underwear for Christmas now. Lol he had already asked if I’m getting him new socks this year 😂

    • shancock17
      November 14, 2018 / 4:40 pm

      Yes! They are essential!

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