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These weeks are going by quick this month – anyone else feel that way? Less than a week to Thanksgiving ya’ll! I wanted to make sure to get the general bases covered in our Holiday gift guide series before Black Friday and all the madness begins. Later this month and into next I will focus on categorized recipients on your gifting list, stocking stuffers and last minute gifts. I’ve covered our gifts for the ladies and men in your life – now to finalize this week’s Holiday gift guide for kids!

The moment Christmas is brought to the stores, it’s a given my kids have already thought, planned, and perfected their toy list 10 times over.  The joy of circling TOY favorites in the Holiday catalogs hasn’t changed. Maybe the size of the circa 1990 Sears catalog differs slightly from Target’s present day Holiday gift guide for kids, but it’s all the same. Red penned and ready, they’re convinced their vast selections are already in his sleigh bag. I am partially to blame for their ‘more the merrier’ expectations. I tend to go a bit overboard each year. I think it comes from this idea that you want to gift them all they want – those red circled items – and then you, as any good parent does, take care of the gifts they need. The gifts they most likely will use and benefit from are then piled high under the tree, alongside those red circled favorites. Unwrapping gifts the morning of escalates well into the afternoon. And imo, it shouldn’t be that way … the endless unwrapping depreciates the value of each gift, and 99% of the time they become lost, or dare I say, forgotten under all that wrapping paper.

I do love gifting toys and all the excitement experienced on Christmas. It’s a part of their childhood that I cannot and will not deprive them of. Toys have always been a top contender of gift favorites each year. And they are definitely on this guide, not to worry. But to streamline, I am hoping to tone down the toy craze this year and stick to the 4 gift method for each kiddo. My hope is that they learn the value of selection, and to appreciate the concept that less is really, and always, more. That said, I’ve broken down this Holiday gift guide for kids into four sections – gifts they need, ones they’ll read, gifts to wear, and gifts they want. I figure this way you’ll have all the gifts for kids covered! Let’s get to it!


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Magic Tree House series | Diary of a Wimpy Kid series | Jane Austen series | Book light | Glow-in-the-dark pjs |
Solemate mismatch socks | Rain boots | Puffer jacket | Barbie dream house | LOL doll | Gaming headset | Jurrasic World Lego set | Crayons | Water bottle | Ball practice net | Swoop bag

Gifts to Read: This one is completely based on your child’s reading level and interests. My son is an avid reader, and loves reading an entire series of books all in one sit down. A few series he’s loved include the Magic Tree House, Harry Potter, Dogman, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I’ve listed several other reading series for all ages and both genders on my Amazon shop page. Jonah always loves heading to the local bookstore to choose his next read, so the option for a gift card is always a reliable choice.

Gifts to Wear: Christmas Eve arrives and the kiddos are always given a new set of pajamas – a tradition they look forward to every year. I love to choose a high quality set, to last them at least thru the Spring when the weather warms up a bit. This retailer offers them in a variety of cute prints. This season also brings colder weather, so I like to gift them the outerwear necessities – a new pair of boots, a warm coat, hats or mittens for the win!

Gifts they Want: As mentioned above, it’s evident the ‘wants’ always involve TOYS. This year is the year of all years, y’all.  It’s the age I’ve looked forward to ever since I learned my world would involve all things pink. Ellie wants a Barbie dream house this year for Christmas. All you girl Momma’s, can you understand my excitement when she told me her hopes and dreams of all things Barbie?! SOLD to the Momma who gets to pass on all her treasured childhood Barbie essentials (and may cry a few tears of joy when I do). Jonah is asking for anything electronic related – Fortnight XBOX gaming tools and V-bucks to be exact. Whichever your littles have on their list, you can peruse the 2018 Amazon Holiday Toy list. Several listed, I’ve noticed, are prime eligible and will most likely run special come Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Gifts they Need: There are so many gift ideas that can go into this category! Pair this gift with the ‘want’ gift: for example, that Barbie dream house will most likely come with all sorts of Barbie accessories. And all those Lego crazed boys will need a place to stash their extras. These swoop bags, offer a quick source of clean up and storage option. Does your child play a sport or have a passion for art or music?  Equipment, room swag, supplies and even lessons fit in this category!

There ya’ll have it – your Holiday gift guide for kids in every category needed this season. Have any other ideas, other than those mentioned? I’d love to learn! Comment below or DM me on the gram! Happy shopping!

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