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I had my first taste of the corporate world in my 20s. Newly married, I landed a position in the accounting and refunds department of a major airline. Up until then, the dress code for my 9 to 5 hadn’t been more than a waitress belt or coffee stained apron. While some may frown at the thought of needing an entire new wardrobe, for this style lover, it felt like Christmas. A whole new world of style opened up and if I was going to be the professional, you can bet I was going to dress like one. Suits, blazers, sheath dresses and pumps in every color and style populated my closet. (my sweet husband, still losing closet space decades later). It was magical. 

I like to say that’s where my love for designer shoes and dressier fits developed. Landing that company position allowed me to explore corporate dress, freely. And in doing so, taught me the importance of feeling good in the pieces I wear. Your style really does reflect a lot about you and I quickly learned dressing the part generated the confidence needed for the position itself. 

The majority of my posts this year have topic’d the value of a minimized and well sought out closet. Fine tuning a wardrobe where every piece holds purpose, fits within my current lifestyle and budget is important to me. More so, this minimalist approach limits any sacrifice of style and has changed the way I shop. I add items to my closet for the sole purpose of filling a void. Having learned the value of an invested wardrobe has also made a huge difference in terms of brand selection. 

While my office and likewise dress code looks a little different these days, it most certainly does not mean I’ve dismissed the style lessons formerly learned. Quality, craftsmanship, comfort, cost, brand, and the impression of each piece I choose to wear are still important. And while I am no longer required to ‘dress up’, I still seek luxury and confidence held in brands like Sarah Flint. 

A lengthy intro, but nonetheless, it sheds light on my designer shoe preference these days, placing Sarah Flint at the forefront of luxurious style. Sarah Flint shoes came onto my radar earlier this year and caught my eye for their elegant, feminine look. Yes, the innovative comfort design and Italian craftsmanship kept my attention, but they’ve reimagined luxury in a way that includes every woman. 

Designed for women, by women Sarah Flint aims to put people first. They believe every woman deserves luxury, and cut out the traditional retail mark up with direct to consumer pricing. They source exceptional materials, fit-test, and place importance on origin where their shoes are 100% certified made in Italy. They pay mind to the details and construction to make the most comfortable and sustainable shoes, never sacrificing an ounce of style. Sarah Flint hits all those early lessoned marks and more.

LOFT workwear eyelet top
LOFT workwear mix prints

As an ambassador, Sarah Flint gifted me the luxurious Suede Jay pumps. I chose them as I know they’ll fit well within my current wardrobe, and because of the gorgeous patent leather heel. My closet may speak more casual than dressy, but I am nonetheless happy to fill a closet void and opt luxury whenever, for wherever. While my corporate days are now a distant chapter in my story, I know this brand will continue to source my style the luxury and confidence it needs.

No matter your lifestyle, position, dress code or lack thereof, if your style seeks luxury, I cannot recommend Sarah Flint enough. They’ve graciously provided me a code to share: new customers can save $50 with SARAHFLINT-BATSS. A huge thank you to Sarah Flint, for allowing me the opportunity to share such luxury.

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