2020 Summer capsule wardrobe

Hello friends! By popular request, today’s post features my 2020 Summer Capsule Wardrobe! For Summer’s feature, subscribers have first look, with all access open mid week! Whether you’re subscribed or you’ve landed here from mere curiosity, I hope this post helps answer questions you may have about capsule wardrobes, it’s process, the benefits, and more so – be a source of inspiration when building your own this season!

I’ll be honest and state I was hesitant to build this capsule – Summer months are tricky. I’ve always considered Summer to be June thru August, tho the past few years the bulk of the heat has landed late August, early September. As with all capsules I build here, I want whatever I share to serve as a guide to help create your own. And in order to do so, I must consider those still undergoing Spring and those who are already ripping off the layers to prevent overheat! I created this with humid Summer weather in mind, while also recognizing that some may still have Spring-like weather or (like me) like to wear pants regardless of the outside temps.  So, just know that all pant outfits shared below can be substituted for shorts and visa versa.

By no means do I suggest grabbing all of these items. The intent in building a capsule is to start with the items you have beforehand and progress from there. (be sure to check out my entire ‘how to get started’ guide  [also linked below] to chat all the ins and outs of capsule building.) If you have some of these items, yay! We’ve similar style! If you have similar items, go ahead and replace my example for your own. If you love my color palette, or any of the outfits pieced together, please use the inspiration! My hope in sharing this capsule is to shed light on the benefits of a minimal wardrobe, see the versatility in each chosen piece, and ease any doubt in the ability to create your own!
denim jacket | cocoon cardigan | stitch sweater

TOPS (12)
white tee | striped tee | blue tee | white bodysuit | black bodysuit | white blouse | striped blouse | striped tank | grey tankpink tank |sweater tank

romper | denim short | green short | white short | denim skirt | t-shirt dress | striped dress | linen jumpsuit | white denim | straight denim

black sandal | white sandal | embellished sandal | metallic slip on | loafer mule | sneaker | espadrille wedge | neutral heel

Below I’ve put together 20 outfits using only the items listed in the capsule. This is just a fraction of the looks one can create! Feel free to accessorize as desired!

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