12 Valentine’s Day outfits straight from my closet

Happy Friday, my friends! We’ve officially entered the month of love – or more so – the month of hearts, flowers, sugar, cheesy one liners, and every shade of pink imaginable. When it comes to fashion, I’ll admit this month is one I happily welcome. I love Spring’s color palette; Pastels and bold prints seem to make way into my everyday, so naturally outfitting looks for Valentine’s day often comes easy.

This week in stories, I teamed up with some ladies to outfit and share Valentine’s style inspo! Rather than styling new released pieces, I wanted to keep the share more style focused. I pulled items directly from closet to spotlight versatility and provide you insight on ways you can style from your own.

I understand my closet is larger than most. But surprisingly, working with what I own can be difficult. I still have the everyday basics, seasonal items, and randoms I couldn’t give reason for purchase if you asked.  This year, I intend to be more mindful of the pieces I add in closet. Sure I mandate a closet clean out every 6 months, create capsule wardrobes, and intentionally style items multiple ways to prove versatility. But I want every piece to hold purpose. I want to shop solely on filling a void in closet, rather than any other justification to spend.

I will note, my hope in providing you style inspiration is never to get you to buy something new – but rather to encourage you to work with the items you already own. Doing so, not only brings to surface your closet’s true value, but it reminds you why you bought each piece in the first place. The item may be versatile, functional, reflect you, or better yet – is a piece you feel your best in. The more we discover our closet, the more we discover and define our style.

Back to this week’s inspo. Outfitting Valentine looks may come easy in my closet, but I typically add to it when I’ve a focused session at hand .. just being honest. ( .. again, I am workin’ on it) It’s partly my job to shop, so taking the spend out of my style was a tough act in and of itself! But, I was good! Solely focusing on what I own, brought to light the versatility my closet actually holds! (it also confirmed pink a very dominant color in my wardrobe). My hope in outfitting the looks below, is to inspire creativity in your own closet.  You can choose a few you may similarly own yourself and recreate! Your maxi dress may not be pink or red or really any shade of Valentine, but adding a pink belt surely turns it there. And dressing up your Levis with heels and a cute button down is an instant date night look already bought.

Similar to last year, I thought to outfit looks for both casual and dressy settings. You can shop any of the looks by clicking the individual images or alternatively, here. However you are spending Valentines day, you’ll have inspo for wear. Let’s get to it!

Casual Valentine looks

Dressy Valentine looks

There you have it – 12 Valentine’s Day outfits to inspire! What Valentine style hangs in your closet? Would love to know! Comment below or dm me on the gram! As always, thanks for stopping by!


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