10 randoms I am currently loving

Sezane floral blouse

While I am all for focused styled posts, spotlighting random favorites is one of my favorite types to sit down and write. Not only are they a fun way to compile the extras and detail style specifics I may have missed, these random lists are an opportunity for me to go outside of the TSS style realm. I’ve a bit more reign to chat current reads, lifestyle, beauty, and well – random things that are putting a smile to my face! Not that I’ve placed a restriction on sharing lifestyle related content, it’s just clear TSS has been intentionally groomed more style focused.

If subscribed, I touch on five randoms each month in my style newsletter. You learn what’s on wishlist, any newfound beauty faves, what I am reading, what’s on repeat and more! But that list is truthfully limited, so leave it to me to take it to the blog, mandate a series and tap into that free reign ever so often.

All said, here are 10 randoms, in no particular order, I am currently loving.

1. Gleamin Vitamin C mask | Oh man, saying I am obsessed with this mask is an understatement. Having read amazing reviews and learning about this mask from Jen (@thesisterstudioig), I decided to give it a try. It’s now become part of my twice (sometimes thrice) weekly regimen. After one use, results are instantaneous. This Vitamin C mask rejuvenates, detoxes, and hydrates all in one. It leaves my skin prepped and glowing!

2. Sezane | I discovered Sezane about a year and a half ago whilst scrolling socials. Browsing their site, I instantly fell in love with everything. The feminine details, the craftsmanship, all of it. I purchased a striped sweater (Europeans term them jumpers) that has consequentially made two of my seasonal capsules. Seeing the quality and experiencing the versatility of their pieces firsthand, I knew adding a few other Sezane pieces to my closet was inevitable. I love their timeless French style and know this brand will continue to source my closet for years to come.

3. Olipop | Second to coffee, my all time favorite drink of choice is carbonated flavored water. I know, it sounds odd, but it is so good. I always, always, must have at least 5 flavors of choice in the fridge. Over the years, Safeway and Harris Teeter have been optional store brand choices to feed my liter fix. On occasion I’ll opt for sparkling tonic. I’ve tried LaCroix and even Bubly, but it’s just not the same carbonation and imo, lacks the flavor. Now Olipop has graced me with its presence and every grocery run has me searching for the newest flavor to try. It’s the perfect combo of carbonation and flavor. Fave flavors include Strawberry Vanilla and Orange squeeze.

4. The Handmaid’s Tale | Early July, Patrick and I were looking for a new series to watch. A few of his co-workers mentioned The Handmaid’s Tale (available on Hulu) so we decided to give it a go. A few episodes in, we were hooked. It’s quite controversial and several topic’d storylines can be triggering, but we both thoroughly enjoyed the binge watch. Season 5 comes out next month and we cannot wait!

5. evening walks | Truthfully, I’ve struggled a lot lately with anxiety. When I feel an onset of stress and overwhelm, taking a walk to calm my mind and sort my thoughts is my relief. Our days have been extremely hot, so I typically wait until 7pm or so to head out on my neighborhood route. Of course, Rebel is always up to accompany me. Sometimes I listen to podcasts, or music, but I’ve found the most freeing is when I walk in silence and pray. It’s this meditative, therapeutic state that I look forward to and turns the latter part of my days better.

6. mini flap crossbody | In case any of you were wondering, my accessory obsession is still going strong. I saw this canvas mini flap crossbody and immediately added it to cart. The quality is so good, it looks and feels designer!

cognac crossbody

7. Nekter Juice Bar | Covid really thru my body (and mind) for a loop. Lacking my ability to taste and smell, meals really weren’t enjoyable. I still craved a healthy substance, so I decided to give Nekter Juice bar a try. I ordered a Functional Immunity bowl (blended dragon fruit, acerola cherry, strawberry, banana, agave, and house made cashew milk, topped with hempseed granola, strawberry, banana, and chia pudding) and it was delicious. The potency of the fruit must have kicked my senses full speed, because it was the one meal I could actually taste! Post Covid, I still crave their bowls and enjoy them at least once a week!

8. New Morning Mercies devotional | I recently picked up this daily devotional and love it! It’s packed with wisdom and so much insight. It also has space in the margins for note taking! I cannot recommend this enough!

9. Sun drenched overalls | This and about a 100 (okay not that many) other jumpsuits have been my top pick for comfort this Summer. Call is a jumpsuit kick, but they’re easy, cozy and the perfect fit on lax days. 

10. Pinterest | Recreating and repeating outfits is my jam. Pinterest definitely has had a hand in my style over the years and has been a great source to pull from. My pinning streak is at an all time high this past month, pinning styles and fits for next season. More so, I’ve been pinning specific outfits and ideas to this board for my new recreated pin series on socials! I love the concept and thought you’d enjoy seeing the inspo come to life! Feel free to join the board and pin your favorite fits as well – I’d love to see what inspires your daily wear and gain new ideas for my series!

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