8 ways to style a denim chambray shirt

I am embarrassed to say, it wasn’t up until last year that I added a denim chambray shirt to my wardrobe. I know..don’t judge. I really don’t know why the heck I didn’t grab it sooner. But now that I have, I feel it my mission to share the benefits of this basic.

A few weeks back whilst choosing pieces for a Target try on, I grabbed a denim chambray top and styled it in session. With it, I created a basic look for y’all; One I resort to time and time again, because it’s always visually appealing. No matter the items paired with it, the chambray top somehow ties everything together and completes the look. It proves basic.

It dawned on me in the dressing room; maybe the reason why it took so long to add to my wardrobe was because of how basic it was. It’s just a denim top, right? Calling it ‘chambray’ is just a fancy word (imo) to describe denim. And what’s more basic than a pair of jeans? You can style them with different tops, textures, and really any item of choosing and they’ll still work. I had a TON of pairs of jeans, why would I need the same basic in shirt form?

All logical reasons for the refusal, right?

But what I didn’t realize (until I purchased on a whim and gave in already) was the value, versatility, and outfit expansion one can gain with just ONE top! One top triples your lookbook and unlike most items in our closet, this piece can work for all seasons! Contrary to the vast fits and styles of jeans out there, the denim chambray top, for the most part, is a simple pocketed button up. It’s as basic as you get! Adding this one top – as basic as it is – fits within budget, making the benefit to buy outweigh any refusal. Justifiably, the chambray denim top is one that should be in every girl’s closet. Am I right?

All said, I thought to topic today’s post on several ways to wear a denim chambray shirt. I’ve rounded up several photos shared this past year and those shot recent to feature ways to style it. Should you be in the market, I’ve made sure to list a few favorite retailers that carry this staple at end.

Layer with a cardigan or jacket // I love a good oversized top/leggings combo. Add a bit extra to your goto style by adding a cardigan or jacket. Using the chambray top as a layering tool will help complete your ensemble and stylishly kick it up a notch.

Pair with a graphic tee // When I think graphic tee, I think casual style. A super cute way to feature your favorite band or saying tee is to pair within category.  The chambray shirt completes any dressed down look effortlessly.

8 ways to style a denim chambray shirt

Style over stripes // Why not take your basic and style it with another? Stripes are a print I love to wear often and one that pairs well with shades of blue.

Wear it with white denim // Fashion, imo, has no rules – and wearing white denim year round is completely acceptable in my book. I love the way chambray looks with white in general. It’s modern and classic. Style this year round perfect pair with espadrilles in the Summer or taupe booties in the cooler months.

Wear it as a light jacket // This is probably my favorite way to style this top, as it features it’s ability to complete any look. This way is perfect in those transition months where it may be too hot for a jacket, but too cold to go without.

Style it under a sweater // Cooler months call for layering, and I use my chambray shirt to do just that! Styling this piece under sweaters or cardigans allows me to creatively utilize those cold weather pieces.  I also love the way the shirt accents them without being too much or over the top.

Denim on denim // So, I will preface this and say styling denim on denim has always been a ‘no’ in my fashion book. But, I will admit – truly cannot even believe I am writing this – I’ve recently allowed an exception. In planning out this post, I explored ways to style this basic and I repeatedly came across what I’ve termed, “double D”. With an open mind, I paired the lighter top with darker bottoms and surprisingly really like it. Adding a stylish accent like a blazer or pop of print helps with contrast. This style is not my very first choice, but when you utilize two different shades and add the contrasting element, I think it works really well. Guess it’s proof my style is evolving, no?

Style it with a skirt // I love the idea of pairing your chambray top with a skirt. Tucked it in or left out, it gives you ability to feature different colors, prints and textures.

There you have it – 8 ways to style a denim chambray shirt! Hopefully this gives you inspiration and reason to add (if not already) this staple to your wardrobe. The chambray top worn in all these photos is from J.Crew – a reliable retailer for quality and sustainable pieces. J.Crew Factory, Madewell, Nordstrom, and Old Navy are equally great sources.

Until our next session, thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Ashley
    January 29, 2020 / 3:11 am

    Wow these are some great options! Thank you for sharing the different ways to wear it. I have one and it hangs in my closet because I had no idea how to wear it 🙂

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