How I practice Self Care

Happy Friday, my friends! I am officially another year older today. And while birthdays have always been fun – balloons, gifts and affection from many, it’s a little hard embracing the number. I remember those milestone birthdays – 10th, 21st, and 30th .. and while I understand turning 38 isn’t a milestone, it does inch me closer to a number…


A pursuit to Rise + final 2019 Instagram round up

Happy Tuesday, my friends! As I sit down to write the last post of 2019, I cannot dismiss rise and reflection. It’s been a great year – full of growth, self discovery, and drive.  Today’s write makes 106 blog posts in 2019 – stories on ‘ways to style’, Instagram round ups, favorites, and sales. Lengthy attributes on lifestyle and personal…


5 things I’ve learned in one year of blogging

This blogging journey — I’ve officially been on path for a year now. I silently celebrated last week how far I’ve come, the ups (and downs) and all I can and should be proud of. I knew I wanted to write on my milestone experience, and if you know anything about me, its taken much thought and reflection getting to the…


Friday Five | What I’ve learned in 2018

Happy Friday, ya’ll! It’s almost 2019! Can you believe it? What I love about the New year is the clean slate. It’s starting fresh. I am not an artist, by any means, but if I were to parallel the feeling it would be sitting down to a new white canvas, fresh painter’s palette, and nothing but time at your disposal.…

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