Weekly capsule edit: Spring essentials

Weekly capsule edit: Spring essentials

We are experiencing a period of transition here in NC, where it’s cold one day and clear skies, another. Not gonna lie, I’ve sat puzzled on ‘what I am going to wear’ longer than I’d like to admit. Despite the unpredictable weather, Spring is in the air and I am excited to start incorporating more of it into my everyday wear.

One of the best ways to ensure a smooth transition from one season to the next is to start with the basics. As I prep my closet for any up and coming season, I list out foundational seasonal pieces that have proven versatile, are worn often, and genuinely make me feel my best. In this case, once I’ve a set list for Spring, I can then adapt to any weather swings; I can utilize layers or limit them. Getting dressed suddenly becomes easier, weather conditions aren’t as much a bother, and before we know it, it’s officially Spring!

All said, I thought to focus this weekly capsule edit on Spring essentials. I’ve taken four basic items and shown you how to style them for an entire week’s worth of outfits. You’ll find these four consistent in my larger Spring capsule edits and you can bet they’ll likewise be included in our next. This week features white denim, a floral dress, cropped cardigan and white sneakers.

white denim: I’ve touched on this pant, before. Finding the right pair of white denim can admittedly be tough, and up until a few years ago, insecurities limited the wear. Since then, I’ve done a complete 180 and truly love to wear them. I find they parallel alot with Spring itself; They present a fresh new canvas to work with and you’ve option to style openly with color.

floral dress: I know it’s cliche, but my love for florals in the Spring will forever remain. I recently found this colorful Sezane dress and love the color it brings to my wardrobe. It has fully functional buttons all the way down, so you can even open it up and wear it as a kimono. There is a lot of versatility in this piece and am 99% sure it will show up in my seasonal Spring capsule later this month!

cropped cardigan: A cardigan of most sorts is bound to hold a permanent spot in all of my capsule builds. The cropped style brings in the concept of less, is typically more lightweight and suits well for warmer weather. I love to front tuck them into high waisted jeans, skirts, or even utilize them as a layer for chilly Spring mornings. I’ve a few of them.

white sneakers: I made the decision a while back to exclude shoes and accessories in my capsule shares. Instead of restricting ourselves to x amount, it’s nice to feel more free and creative when granted free rein. However, having a pair of white sneakers is definitely something to consider and something to note on that list of fundamentals. This pair is my absolute favorite.

Below I’ve curated 7 looks for the week, using these four items. I know many of you are inspired differently and it helps to visualize the outfits on. Whether you prefer your inspo via style board or seeing it on, I’ve provided both. Click on each image to shop the outfit breakdown.

denim jacket with printed dress
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