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Fall sweaters

Sweaters are undoubtedly essential this time of year. With so many options available, it's hard to choose which is best. Let's breakdown 8 sweaters needed for Fall.

1. cable knit / fisherman

Often made of cotton & wool fibers, the sleeves are tapered toward your wrist, ensuring cold breezes don't make their way into the sweater. A classic & timeless style.

2. crewneck

Another hard-working sweater that has a permanent spot in my knit kit. By far the most versatile in the bunch.

3. cashmere

Reigning in sustainability, luxury, acclimation, and versatility, having one (or several) in closet is always good idea.

4. half zip or polo

Not only do both of these sweater styles provide versatility, they bring in an element of nostalgia when worn. A modern throwback twist I am all for.

5. striped Breton

This classic, prep print works well in every closet. Opt the timeless navy & white stripe, or sway to other neutral pairings that fit within Fall's color palette.

6. turtleneck

They're cozy, warm & simply put, fit with the season. I love to utilize fitted styles as layers & opt oversized when wearing leggings, high waisted jeans, or skirts.

7. cardigan

There's no denying the it's versatility. While  this piece occupies closet space year round, heavier knits are the favorite come Fall.

8. sweater coat

This hybrid wardrobe essential is perfect for transitional weather. It has the structure & silhouette of a coat but is made of a soft knit fabric we all love in a sweater.

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