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the plaid blazer

No matter the color palette, a plaid printed blazer is a great addition to any closet.  Let's explore 5 ways to style this staple.

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I. with denim

One of my favorite ways to wear it! Combining what's considered a more dressier piece with casual is stylish & creative. 

II. with a graphic tee

Elevate your casual & combine prints! An oversized graphic tee works well for a dressed down fit.

Another look at how well denim & graphic tees pair nicely with plaid.

III. with leggings

This look is extremely edgy & fun. Combine with boots & a crossbody bag and you'll be set for happy hour.

IV. with shorts

One of my favorite looks, ever. The faux leather shorts, sweater & boots are instantly made chic with the blazer addition.

V. mix it all up

The blazer serves up a whole lot of fun in this outfit formula. Utilizing different prints, textures & color palettes makes for a polished fit.

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As seen, there are several ways to style this classic printed piece. Which way suits your style best?