The SAVE for INSPO solve + June recap

Ya’ll, it’s July. We are at that half way mark of 2020. This year surely has certainly brought a lot more than expected or even planned, has it not? We are living through a pandemic and a Historic revolution. There’s been a lot on plate. Despite the roller coaster we’ve been on, I do feel that it has brought much growth, self reflection, and an alignment of priorities.

Looking back on June, posting wasn’t as consistent. Neither here nor my Instagram feed saw much content. Some of the limit was intentional with all that’s been on our news feeds. But if I am being honest, the majority of limit was from burn out. This ‘new normal’ is draining. A few months back, this adjustment wasn’t supposed to last this long. I had told myself distance learning, quarantine, and 6 feet apart was temporary. Tho there’s been a slight lift in order, it’s brought me to question if these adjustments will be permanent. Will we ever go back to a maskless shop? Will my children experience in-school learning in the Fall? And moving forward here on TSS – will I resume to my dressing room try ons.. ever?

Aside from my burnout, there’s been a struggle and reason for limited content. There’s nothing like rounding up your recent buys to find they’re out of stock. Delays in shipping have definitely effected my plans for content. I’ll order, wait a week for the items to arrive and by the time they do, they’re unavailable. Add in my photographers strict non travel out of state order (finally lifted a week ago) and it leaves me in a re-post/no-post predicament. Do I nix the share? My answer on most days is absolutely not. But when this predicament is relived week after week, it can be frustrating and leave one feeling – well – burned out.

So, in my attempt to stay positive, and revert back to my word for the year, I’ve improvised a little and am focusing on creativity. How about finding an outfit I do have, (regardless if in stock or not) and post for the sake of inspiration or dialogue? Aligns with my mission to inspire, that’s for sure.

If I really think about it, the majority of my closet is OOS.  Affording a new outfit everyday is unlikely, and I purchase on sustainability and versatility 99% of the time. So there’s bound to be the re-wear and re-share of items.

A lot of my fashion inspo is pulled from the IG scroll. Seeing ways to style an item a new way unleashes a creativity in my own. And I hope that during this time – when the shipping’s been delayed another day, masks are the new accessory, and dressing rooms are closed until further notice – you’re inspired by my choice to re-post that tee-shirt dress you’ve seen a dozen times on the feed. I hope you’re inspired to shop your own closet and find your creativity whilst doing so.

Yes, I’ll still post when I’ve new closet additions (COVID clearly hasn’t stopped my shop). But when you see a post that begins with ‘SAVE FOR INSPO’ know that the item may just be one that’s been in my closet a few years, I’ll re-pulled it out of favoritism, and I’ll link similar items to shop instead.

Like all of us, I am uncertain of what the future brings. But this solve of making the best of the content I do have, has brought relief. The weight of worry that resulted in my burn out, is no longer heavy. It’s reminded me less is often more. So even if this solve was my attempt to fix a ‘temporary’ situation, I think the ‘SAVE FOR INSPO’ posts will stay. Sound good?

It doesn’t surprise me this intro turned lengthy; It’s been a while! Tho limited, I’ve rounded up the best of what was shared in June below. My Summer capsule and Amazon favorites blog posts have been a huge source of style inspiration for me (and hopefully you too!). Kelly and I teamed up to topic a June wellness reset in stories on Instagram, which I’ve saved the majority of all shared in my June reset highlight. And pulling from what is often shared in my TSS weekly Newsletter, I’ve listed June’s top sellers and top favorited IG posts for the month.

If I haven’t said it lately, thank you for being here. Thank you for reading thru my ramble, connecting, and inspiring me to keep at it. Times and seasons may be changing, but your continual support means so much.




1. Nordstrom Tie Dye Sweater
2. LOFT Daisy bar back romper
3. Universal Thread Midrise boyfriend jean shorts
4. Aerie cacoon cardigan
5. Abercrombie tiered high-low maxi skirt

dress (XS) | heels (TTS) | handbag
belt bag | dress (similar) | denim jacket (S) | sneakers (TTS)
pink dress (XS) | straw clutch | heels (TTS) | leopard dress (XS) | rattan circle bag | clear sandals (TTS) | striped dress (XS) | espadrilles (TTS)
joggers (XS) | further style inspo with similar links here
blazer (XS) | pants (similar) | graphic tee (similar) | kitten heels (size down .5)

There you have it – your top favorited styles and blog posts from June! Until our next recap, thanks for stopping by!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

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