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Welcome back to our weekly style guide! The week before last I shared a week’s worth of elevated basics. I took basic items we’ve all in the closet and curated 7 outfits that are far from ordinary. Creating these elevated outfits brings value, versatility, and purpose to our closets. This week is similar … just tweaked a little. I wanted to curate a week’s worth of everyday casual outfits with foundational favorites. Let me explain ..

This theme stemmed from taking a look at the outfits I wear on a daily basis and asking myself why I love them. What is it about that outfit that makes me want to repeat it and become the norm. Is it an individual piece that makes me feel good? Is it the color palette? Is it the fabric? Below you’ll find the reason these everyday casual fits are worn time and time again. My hope is you find something you likewise love and you develop a deeper understanding of your personal style while at it! Be sure to check back each week for new styled looks!


It’s the pants. Simple as that. The Mason pant from Reformation is by far my most worn trouser. I love the high waist and front pleat. They’re comfortable and highly versatile. This 3 piece outfit formula (layer, tank, and trousers) also works well from work to weekend. Switch out the sweater cardigan for a denim jacket and the mules for sneakers.


I’ve always loved a neutral monochrome look. Combining different shades of neutrals makes my style heart swoon. And choosing alternative fabrics takes it next level. With Summer underway, our whites come out to play. I love these 90s cheeky straight jeans from Everlane and this crochet knit top fits Summer’s requirement for lightweight fabrics, perfectly.


I included these silk canvas pants in our very first weekly style guide, noting they’d be the pant of the Summer. They’re off to a really great start. They’re lightweight, comfortable, versatile, and easy. I’ve been wearing them with a simple ribbed tank, sandals, and knit cardigan.


While I love this classic Summer combo of a linen striped top and denim shorts, it’s the bag that foundationally takes the cake. I had this bag on my radar for months, finally purchased it, and will forever rank high on my list of accessories. I love the perforated detail, the neutral tone, and the functionality. It’s also neat how every piece in this outfit reads timeless.


If you know me, you know I have a thing for denim. I’ve tried countless brands and styles over the years and believe I’ve landed on a favorite. The Agolde 90s pinch waist jeans are it. I love to wear them with a classic button-up (I often tuck it in) and simple black sandals. Add in a few Summer accessories and you’re set.


I’ll be honest, this outfit is new(er). I’ve been fashioning the concept, however, for years. When my everyday style gets repetitive, I get creative. I mix and match pieces that typically aren’t mixed and matched. The result is a direct reflection of my own style! It’s fun and a great way to discover yours. A trending sweater with athletic shorts? Yes, please.


If I am not going out, I’ve got sweats on. Not to limit their wear on any given day, I just love to be cozy. These Alo Accolade sweatpants are by far my favorite. They fit perfectly; The waist isn’t too elasticized, nor are the leg hems. The fabric is extremely soft. They wash well and if you haven’t guessed they’re beyond comfortable. If and when I do go out, I’ll complete my look with an oversized denim jacket and comfy Birkenstocks.

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