Pool days are the best days

Each morning, without fail, two sun-kissed kiddos ask if we can go to the pool. Tho we are at the beach, my mother in law’s home is about 2 miles away from shore.  Nestled in a small housing development, it’s amenities are grand in the eyes of any child, granting full access to their community pool. It’s been extremely hot and muggy while here and as much as I’d love to sit and relax in the air conditioned beach themed oasis, I’ve obliged to their daily requests.

I may occasionally join them, but prefer to be an observant lounger. I’ll sit poolside and witness all the cannon balls, jumps, & marco/polo games. Be present for all the ‘Mom, look at me’s” and dad’s famous flip stunts. I’ll watch them make friends, and listen in on their conversations just to entertain my mom curiosity. What I’ve loved most tho is watching them experience Summer at it’s best.

Jonah, Ellie, and cousin Payton : Summer 2018

While growing up, mainly in my middle school years, I can remember Summer days like yesterday. Like any teenager, I’d sleep in way past what any one considers morning and head straight to the neighborhood’s swim and tennis club. I’d meet my friends there, and spend hours on end doing what us girls do best, lounge in the sun. Baby oil and Sun-in applied in excess amounts. I am not too proud of that, but back then I didn’t give much thought towards sun and skin protection. My mind was on other things – getting a tan, mastering the diving board, and impressing my week’s crush. We’d occasionally take a snack bar break, but for the most part were there from opening to closing. It was carefree, and harmless (aside from the lack of SPF), and so memorable. I learned a lot about myself in those Summer months – about friendships, and self worth. All from the routines of Summer.

I know their days here and this trip is coming to an end. Soon we will be unpacking boxes and planning school shopping trips. But the common anchor are the memories made. Their experiences and ‘remember the times’ will always be there. Jonah’s one request when we searched for a home in NC was to find one with a pool in development. I am happy to say we’ve obliged in that request, too. Heres to putting a few more endless pool day Summers in the books!

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