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Ya’ll. The sale of all sales is almost here. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is the biggest and best fashion sale of the year. If you’ve followed me long enough you know my love and devotion to this sale runs deep. I’ve shopped it for years and have covered it here on TSS in detail the past three. However, this year I’ve decided to step back a bit. And truthfully, other than outlining sale logistics below, this post is all I’ve planned in terms of coverage.

Don’t get me wrong – I still love this sale. I will still be shopping the sale. I’ve budgeted, listed, and strategized my shopping method. I’ve just decided to do so outside of this space this year.

Covering this sale is a lot of work. This sale is big, and as an influencer it can become taxing. Just like the sale paves way to upcoming Fall trends, our prep for the sale begins months in advance. Reviewing skus, planning try ons, creating graphics, writing blog posts. And once the sale is live, we’ve the green light to do those try ons, stay on top of restocks, publish those blog posts, even search for likewise trends at other retailers. It’s a roller coaster that’s not only exhausting (especially if you’re a one woman show), but can leave you feeling like you’ve lost out on the thrill and experience of the sale itself.

I haven’t been entirely impressed the past couple of years with the sale’s way of run. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I feel the NSALE hasn’t lived up to the hype that it once was. I used to come home with an entire season’s worth of outfits – bought mid sale, without a Nordstrom credit card. It’s just changed a bit for most. But as an influencer, and because I’ve been a longtime (maybe even lifetime) Nordstrom customer, I knew I’d shop it and likewise, cover it. And cover it I did. Maybe a little too much. But I am not discrediting the work I did do, nor the value of the content I’ve created in past years.

I understand the pandemic hit the industry hard last year and the 2020 NSALE was quite different than past. But even without the pandemic, prior years have left me with little in closet. Inventory is low from the start and restocks aren’t guaranteed. Unless you’ve a Nordstrom credit card (that you use often), the likelihood your favorites are available once public access opens is extremely low. It’s just been disappointing and it plays a large part in my decision to cut back this year. I’ve also a fun girl’s trip planned smack dab in the middle of it all. I’d love to experience a July without the NSALE weight on my shoulders.

Please don’t think me selfish or that I don’t love what I do. Providing you the tools to obtain and rock your own style is something I live for here on TSS. And please don’t let my decision to limit my share deter you from shopping this incredible sale. It really is one I love and despite any disappointment I’ve felt from past years, the NSALE is a great opportunity to shop premium brands on deep discount. I will for sure share with you (similar to this post here) what I end up purchasing, and if it’s available I’ll direct you to site! And keeping resources at hand, I will also direct you to other influencers I know covering the NSALE via ig stories.

That all said – I’ve outlined the ins, outs, and logistics of the 2021 NSALE below. Happy strategizing, shopping, saving and styling!

What’s the hype, you ask?

Every year Nordstrom releases their newest Fall items and marks them down for a limited time. I am not talking the older items that have been on site, I mean brand NEW items for Fall.

More so, the brands Nordstrom carry can be on the high end, and for a gal on budget, I unfortunately don’t shop as consistently here as I do other retailers. I am a big sale shopper, so when I can find AG jeans, PAIGE denim, Hunter Boots, UGGs, Barefoot Dreams, Charlotte Tilbury, etc at discounted prices I’m much more eager to purchase. And with discounts on more affordable Nordstrom brands – Socialite, Caslon, Leith, Articles of Society, BP, to name a few – the sale’s in the bag (quite literally). This sale is THE sale of all sales because it discounts every department, releases BRAND NEW pieces and gives many the opportunity to shop premium brands up to 70% off.  It’s one-of-a-kind awesome, right?! Let me share a bit more about it and answer some frequent questions below!


Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (NSALE) usually happens every July. This year, the Anniversary Sale will run July 28th – August 8th.

Early Access to shop the sale is available based on your Nordstrom cardholder status. To shop early access, you must be a Nordstrom card holder. Being a cardmember definitely has its perks – granted early access convinces my vote! You also get Nordstrom Reward Notes to shop with after building up your points (2 or 3 points per $1 spent – receive a $10 Note every 1,000 points to spend on anything!) Be sure to apply HERE to be eligible for early access. If you don’t know what level you are at, just log into your Nordstrom account and it will tell you!

July 6th:
Online preview of sale items opens to all!

July 12th:
Icon early access
July 14th: Ambassador early access
July 16th: Influencer early access
July 28th: The Anniversary sale is open to everyone!

August 9th:
The sale has ended and items return to their normal retail price.


While shopping in-store is a considerable option, it can be hectic and messy to maneuver thru. Y’all know online shopping is my preferred method, and I highly recommend it in this case. Nordstrom offers free shipping, and if you must have your pretties that day, you can purchase online and choose ‘in store pick up’, if available at your store.

I’ll note – many loyal shoppers await this sale each year. It’s very popular, and items WILL go quickly. Last year (and every year, really) popular items went out like hotcakes. If you like an item, buy it. If you are unsure of sizing – purchase both sizes, just in case they sell out.

Not only do Nordstrom cardholders have access to the sale early, but you’ve access to Double Points Days. An important tip is to utilize this perk during the sale and earn points at a faster rate. More points = more Nordstrom Reward notes!

Cardholder or not, the company’s loyalty program is one to definitely consider prior to the sale. The Nordy Club is free to join and provides shoppers rewards, special access to services and personalized experiences.


The NSALE can be an overwhelming, but going in with strategy can ease the experience. First make a list of all you are shopping for. This sale provides outstanding savings on the most exciting new Fall merchandise, along with plenty of items for Summer. Tho still in the dead of Summer, this sale reels in shoppers with a Fall fashion urgency. Narrow down all the essentials you’d like for Fall: boots, hats, coats, & denim. Prioritize them and shop those first. From experience, cardigans and boots hop off the shelves the quickest. Remember, prices go back up August 9th, so shop early for best selection.

This NSALE really is the onset and first glance of Fall trends – one of the reasons for it’s popularity. It provides consumers the very first opportunity to grab new pieces for next season at discount. If were to offer any advice regarding your shop, I’d say to stick to the classics. You don’t need the sneakers, name brand sweaters, or snakeprint hoodie that will inevitably show up at other more affordable retailers in the coming weeks. By all means, if you want the trends and can afford it – you do you, girl. The key is to shop smart.


I love a good bargain, but I am also the type of person who is willing to spend a bit more on pieces I know will last.  In previous years, I focused my shop on winter coats, sweaters, cardigans, and shoes. Many you’ve seen included in my capsule wardrobes. I typically avoid overly-trendy items and focus on classic, versatile pieces that I know will transition well from one season to the next. It’s also a great opportunity to stock up on beauty essentials and grab the expensive hair and skincare tools you’ve had your eye on.



  1. July 14, 2021 / 3:02 pm

    This is the most informative post I’ve ever seen about the sale! So helpful Sarah! Thank you! ❤️

    Phlanx’s Marketing Specialist

    • July 14, 2021 / 3:57 pm

      That makes me so happy to hear! Happy shopping!

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