My top 12 favorite things this season


Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of my favorite things lists and with our 2nd annual ’12 days of gifting’ in full swing, I thought to topic and share! What’s my 12 days of gifting, you ask? It’s a consecutive share of 12 things I love the first 12 days in December. Each day I spotlight a favorite and gift the same! This year, I’ve partnered with brands to offer exclusive discount codes, feature items and gift all of you. It’s my way of giving back in December. TSS truly wouldn’t be without you, so this season of giving offers me the opportunity to share my deepest gratitude for you all. All said, today’s list sums up all you can expect in the first half of December. If applicable, I’ve included the exclusive discount codes for those looking to shop. Be sure to tune into stories for each day’s feature, my gift and ways to enter. So let’s get to it!

1. Target : Who doesn’t love a solo stroll through the aisles of Target? My kids know they can always find me in the Women’s department scoping out all new. It seems as if every season gets better in the fashion department. And this season is no exception – their jackets, plaid prints, sweaters, and accessories have all caught my eye. For those likewise who consider a Target run a treat, I am gifting a run to one of you! Catch ig stories for a chance to win.

bomber jacket style

2. Dermae: If you’ve been here a while, you know DermaE is a prevalent brand in my skin care regimen. I discovered DermaE well over a year ago, and their Vit. C gel eye patches have been a must in my morning routine. Their entire Vitamin C line is incredible. Read more of the exact products consistent in my regimen here and shop all of my favorites here. I’ve partnered with DermaE to gift three of you; Tune into stories on the 2nd for all the details!

3. Amazon: Are you surprised? In honesty, I am unsure how I even survived before Prime existed. There would be no resolve to my procrastinating habits! And if I am being completely honest, Amazon surprises me time and time again when it comes to fashion. Yes, Amazon can be hit or miss, but lately – especially this season – there have been huge winners! From sweaters to boots, to jackets – Amazon is winning in my book!

I’ll also add from experience – don’t count Amazon out. Amazon really has most everything and carries so many brands that one wouldn’t even think they would. (Fashion and Beauty) I’ve learned to always check Amazon. Yes, Prime serves purpose when I am in a pinch, but more so – if a certain brand is low in stock elsewhere, Amazon may have it. Brands like Free People, Steve Madden, Dolce Vita, Sam Edelman, Vince Camuto, Dermalogica, Living Proof to name a few, are all available to shop on Amazon! This season I’ve purchased several boots from well known brands this season via Prime Ship! I am gifting one of you an Amazon gift card to spend at your leisure – tune into stories on the 3rd!

4. Necessaire: You’ve heard me rave about Necessaire before, and naturally – it’s made a few of my lists. While facial exfoliation is so important in your regimen, we cannot exclude the rest of our skin! I gave Necessaire a try several months back and it’s now become one of the steps I love most! The Eucalyptus Body Exfoliator does wonders for my skin. The scent is not harsh, and the charcoal and pumice melts as you go. Leaves my skin soft and preps my body to absorb lotion and moisture after use. I am gifting one of you the Body Ritual set – all of my favorites that Necessaire offers. This set exfoliates, cleanses, replenishes, and moisturizes your body for visible skin health—all with products that are hypoallergenic and ideal for trial and travel. Tune into stories on the 4th for details on how to enter.

5. Starbucks: This is a given. The seasonal iced chai with pumpkin cold foam has been a consistent favorite, tho the new almond milk sugar cookie latte is running a close second! I am gifting all of you coffee on me. Tune into stories for a bar code to scan at Starbucks on Sunday the 5th.

6. ABLE: I fell in love with ABLE a year ago. Their clothing, their mission, the entire company. Quoting directly from their site, “ABLE is an ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty. We’re deeply devoted to quality – both in the products we make and the quality of life we aim to provide. We invest in, train, and educate women so they can earn a living, break the cycle of poverty, and thrive.” I am a proud advocate and am blessed to hold several pieces in my closet from ABLE. For those looking to shop, you can use SARAHSTORIES20 to save 20% on your entire purchase. I’ve also partnered with them to gift one of you an initial necklace from their jewelry collection. Tune into stories on the 6th for more details.

7. Tula: I use Tula every single day. This doctor founded skin care brand is built on the power of probiotics and super foods. It’s clean, effective, and never tested on animals. I share my love for Tula often here at TSS (check out any of my beauty posts and Tula is bound to show up in text). Holding a top spot in my regimen, it’s a given I am gifting several of my clean beauty favorites! For those looking to shop, you can always save 15% with SARAHSTORIES. Tune in on the 7th for details on how to enter. #tula #tulapartner #embraceyourskin

8. Mott & Bow: While I share trends and a variety of styles here at TSS, spotlighting sustainable, classics is equally important. Mott & Bow is my source for closet basics. From denim, to tees and cashmere sweaters, these pieces provide my closet a foundation to build my style on. I’ve partnered with Mott & Bow to gift one of you a pair of jeans! And for those looking to shop and add to closet, stay tuned for an applicable discount code. 

9. SweetMint Handmade: My am stories have been consistent, have they not? A shot of me pouring coffee into my ongoing collection of mugs is a given these days. I discovered Sweetmint Handmade mugs last year and have since then added several new personalized mugs to my collection. Partnering with SweetMint, you can gift handmade this season and save 20% with SARAH20. 

10. Colorfulkoala: My favorite brand of everyday leggings and joggers has to be Colorfulkoala. They’re buttery soft, stretchy, and so comfortable. Compared to other high end brands, these far exceed them in terms of comfort and affordability. They’ve recently released their matte faux leather leggings and I am in awe of how amazing they are! I’ve partnered with them to gift one of you a pair of their faux leather leggings! Tune in on the 10th for details.

11. Spa Day: For all my local followers, today is your day! For years I’ve enjoyed getting my nails done. Making a conscious effort to be more intentional and aware of the beauty products I am using, I’ve since then discovered The Paint Nail Bar here in Charlotte. All of their products: including the polish and their Luxe line: ‘Primers by Paint’ are completely clean and non-toxic. Stay tuned for the details on the day’s gift and partnership with Paint Nail Bar. 

12. Fabletics: If you know me, I am quite active. And in honesty, quite picky when it comes to the clothing I wear when working out. It must be sweat proof, comfortable, sustainable, moisture wicking, and overall the perfect fit. I never want to be fighting with my clothing mid work out. The sweat sesh is hard enough as it is, right? I’ve loved Fabletics for years and love that they offer something for everyone in terms of fitness and everyday wear. Aligning with my love for a good workout set, I am gifting two of you a set of choice. Tune in stories for all the details! For those looking to shop, you receive the best perks as a VIP. New VIP members receive your first 2 bottoms/$24.

There you have it, 12 of my most favorite things this Holiday season. Do any of my favorites align with yours? Wishing all of you a joyous season!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

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