My thoughts on white jeans + 5 ways to style them

The white jean. With my denim fetish as big as it is, you’d think I’d have my fare share in white too, right? Admittedly, that isn’t the case. For the longest time, I reasoned with, ‘they’re just not for me’. While I believe a lot has to do with an inability to find the right fitting pair, I also find wearing white denim requires a little self love.

On structure alone, this wash is as open and clear as is can be. The likelihood for me to spill something on it is extremely high. It’s bound to get dirty. Unlike other washes or a beloved black pair, they often lack ability to disguise any hidden insecurities. They can be see thru. They can be too tight, or even too loose. And if I am being honest, find a lot of styles unflattering.  It wasn’t until last year that I found a pair I truly loved. And more importantly a pair (or now two) I feel confident in.

Whether we notice or not, our style says a lot about who we are. (I know..get to the styling Sarah.) But if you think about it, much like the clothes you’re choosing to wear – there’s a level of transparency, too. I’ll be honest and say you won’t find me wearing white on my worst days. When bloating, fatigue, or stress come into play – the opt for white is out.  If I’ve played a round or two of the comparison game, consider them ‘in the wash’. But the days I do choose to wear white, I am always surprised at the return.  I’ve this mentality to try new things, to explore my creative style, and disregard any insecurities or opinions I may hold about my body or worse, what others think of it. Transparency, even if it’s mimicked in the clothes you wear, can render confidence and strength. A fresh canvas (or in our case, pair of white denim) may give way to a few grass stains or ketchup spills, but it also reveals an indifference to outside opinion and in contrary, self value.

So wear the white jeans, y’all! They’re bold, and strong and confident! Plus, they’re stylish and a great alternative to your basic blues on days you need a closet refresh. And tho they’re most often seen worn in Spring and Summer, they’re versatile enough to style year round!

Are white jeans for everyone? Yes, I now believe so – we’ve just #1 have to find the right pair and #2 tell those insecurities to hit the curb.

If you haven’t found your perfect pair of white denim, not to worry. I’ve included a ton of options to try. If you have, consider this post a source of style inspo! I’ve outlined 5 ways to style white denim below.

1. With a simple tee
One thing I love about white denim is the versatility. It’s an open canvas to style however you want to! Grab your favorite tee – knot it, front tuck it, wear out or however you want to wear and allow it to be the main focus of your outfit for the day! Also, a great option to sport a graphic tee or fun print!

2. With a striped blouse
Summer’s print and white denim are the perfect duo. Make this classic nautical look your go-to for Summer days or dress up your denim with heels for a night out. This look also transitions well into Fall by layering your stripes with a utility jacket to accommodate the cool down.

3. Dress it up a little

Date night on the books? Don’t assume white jeans are for daywear only. Let your white jeans accompany a pretty silk cami and open toed shoes.

One other thing I’ll note here is the ability to match your top and shoe choice without overload. Often when we opt for blues or another pant choice, the color must be factored in to the overall aesthetic. Do the blue jeans or brown khakis match your top? With a neutral pant choice, you’ve eliminated the stress of inclusion or worse, the concept of ‘too much’. You’re free to get matchy/matchy when white jeans are in the mix!

4. With a chambray shirt
I love the way chambray looks with white in general. It’s modern and classic. Style this year round perfect pair with espadrilles in the Summer or taupe booties in the cooler months. Note – all of the ways shown on how to style a chambray shirt (catch them all here), can be worn with white denim. Basically, if you’ve a chambray shirt in closet and white jeans – you’ve endless opportunities for wear.

5. With a button down colored top

Take advantage of your white canvas and give your patterned button down the spotlight. Much like the simplicity of the tee above, you’ve option to style openly with color. Roll up the sleeves for a casual look. Opt for sophisticated chic by tucking it in and completing your look with a pointed heel. Tie it in front, cuff the leg and slip on sandals. Choice is yours!

There you have it – 5 ways to style white jeans! Hopefully this gives you inspiration and reason to add this reflection of self love to your wardrobe. Until our next session, thanks for stopping by!

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