Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hi, friends! Mothers day is just around the corner – exactly 2 weeks – and whether you are looking for your Mom, searching for ideas to hint, or have decided it’s time to treat yourself to something special, today’s gift guide post will help!

Mothers are super heroes in my eyes. They are often the family stone, sacrifice much, are our biggest supporters, and a huge influence in our character. They deserve to be pampered and appreciated not just on Mother’s Day, but every day. Ya’ll enjoyed my gift guides this past Holiday season (which makes me so happy, as these are my favorite to write and create) and with Mother’s day approaching, I thought to round up several gifting options for you.

With Mother’s Day two weeks out, note that this gift guide all falls in line with shipping times, so no worries there! You’ve still got time! View the gift guide by clicking on the hovered + icon, or for those that aren’t linked in image, you can view the products individually by using the direct links below.

*This post has been updated to reflect items available for 2021

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1. Edible arrangements/flowers – a bouquet of chocolate fruits? Yes, please! Edible arrangements makes the perfect gifts well within price point. You can personalize them any way you choose by changing the fruits and wording of the arrangement. Shop all of Edible arrangements Mother’s Day offerings here.

2. Mama Necklace – Remind her of the gift she’s been titled with and gift her an elegant necklace to wear often. I recently purchased one similar for myself and haven’t taken it off since. This simple design is offered in gold or silver, sure to bring a smile upon receipt.

3. Curated closet book – This ones for the stylist. Less focused on having a minimalist wardrobe (although that’s part of it), this book teaches the reader how to develop a personal style that works with your budget and how to be a smarter shopper. I highly recommend the read.

4. AirPods – Whether she’s at the gym, taking her mid-morning walk, or grocery shopping for the week, listening to music makes the everyday todos better. These AirPods are my favorite and make the best gift for the busiest of Moms. These are wireless, so you can wear them freely without the worry of cables tagging along.

5 – 6. PMD Clean / GlowPRO – Let’s talk pampering. These two tools – both are on wishlist. Yes, a spa gift certificate would be nice, tho the convenience and ability to pamper at home, as often as you wish is far more desirable and cost efficient. Both the PMD clean and GlowPro are tools that allow her the benefits of a spa procedure, but at home. Any beauty babe would squeal in excitement upon opening either.

7. Travel case – Does she love to travel? Make travel chic with the most elegant, tho functional travel case. Made to stow cosmetics, travel size liquids, cable and chargers and is sure to become her most coveted travel accessory.

8. Loopy Case – Gone are the pop sockets, and dare I say it – phone drops. I recently switched to this case and can confidently say I will never go back to another. I love the convenience of the loop and all the modern designs offered. Gift her a cute, functional phone case to protect and style her phone!

9. Sneakers – These everyday run around sneakers are a stylish option for any Mom on the go. The off white pair is on wishlist, and one I am asking for myself!

10. Birthstone bracelet – There’s nothing more sentimental than honoring the children that made you a Mom in the first place. Gift her a birthstone bracelet representing their birth month(s). Not only are these bracelets pretty, they hold meaning and share a story worth the wear.

11. classic gold hoops – simple and elegant, she’ll love this classic pair.

12. Pajamas – what Mom (or any gal for that matter) doesn’t love a soft pair of pajamas to change into after a long day? Offered in 4 colors, these is sure to pamper.

13. Hair dryer – it’s rare she splurges on herself. Now is the perfect time to grab her this T3 hair dryer she’s been eyeing!

14 – 15. Watch  – The Apple watch is all the rave, but in good reason! Not only is it beautiful, but it’s perfect for busy moms. From getting text notifications to calendar alerts, the Apple watch connects to your phone and does almost everything that it can do! I absolutely love my silver 3 series and it’s by far, my most favorite gift received! It’s feminine, chic, and professional! Is she more traditional? This classic rose gold 28mm Mvmt watch is a gorgeous option.

16. O-venture ring – Yes, you’ve seen this cute accessory in gift guides before. I’ve repeated this option with good reason. It’s a game changer! These are neat, in that it fits around your wrist so you can be hands free. I promise any Mom would love a dismissal of the frantic key search. Offered in several colors and textures. Sign up for email notifications and you can receive 15% off your entire purchase!

17. Tori Burch Miller Sandals –  Not gonna lie – been eyeing these for months. I am telling ya – every girl needs her go-to sandal. I do not own a pair of these sandals myself (yet), tho have heard these will take top wear spot.  They are offered in a variety of colors to choose from. You can gift her a colorful pair, or a nude option that goes with anything!

18. Beauty Counter lipstick – I love this lipstick, and have talked in numerous posts about my love for Beauty Counter and the mission this company is built upon. First and foremost – it’s safe. It’s clean, as Beauty Counter has created the highest standard in pursuit of clean beauty.   Beauty Counter is unmatched when it comes to their lipstick selections without any gnarly toxins – ensuring your Mom has the best product in her make up bag.

19. Necessaire body – Provide her the ultimate escape with this luscious line of natural beauty and wellness products. Their eucalyptus body exfoliator is a favorite of mine – a gentle AHA/BHA trio of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids help remove dead skin cells, while pumice and bamboo charcoal soften skin without irritation. The entire line is a treat for your skin and makes it easy to unwind and relax; exactly what mom needs after a long day.

20. Ella Nail polish – pamper her with an in-home mani and pedi! This brand is known to be long lasting and offers a vast selection of color.

21. Essential Oils diffuser – Speaking from experience, this is a gift much more valuable than pretty. After Jonah was born, I dove into holistic health and in honesty, have learned and held benefits of essential oil use. Wether she’s an avid oil lover, or enjoys a clean and fresh scented home, this is sure to be a Mother’s day favorite.

22. Robe – If you follow me in stories, you know I love a good robe. I received this one for Christmas a few years back and it’s my nightly ritual to dwell in my ‘game of thrones’ coat of cozy. Every Mom deserves one. If the fur lining is not your style, I’ve heard nothing but praises on the comfort of this one.

23. Magnolia Table book – If she doesn’t have it already – add to her Joanna obsession and gift her a collection of recipes inspired by Gaines family favorites. With over 125 selections to prepare, your cook will find recipes the whole family will enjoy.

24. Bath Caddy – If mom doesn’t have this, then this is definitely one of the most perfect gift ideas for Mother’s Day. If she hasn’t told you – a long relaxing bath with some candles lit, a glass of wine, whilst reading her favorite novel is what lies in her definition of ‘me’ time. A bathtub caddy makes the unwind easy.

25. Candle – Who doesn’t love candles? I love the scent of them everywhere in my household. From the office to the bathroom, even bedside. Whenever I have an opportunity to gift a candle, I always choose the jar candles from Anthropologie. They are packaged so nicely and smell amazing! This capri blue iridescent floral scent is one of my favorites and fills your home with scents of orchid, jasmine, and gardenia – the blooms of Spring!

26. Perfume sampler – Does your Mom have a favorite scent? Or does she love to wear different scents based on occasion? This sampler is perfect in making sure her preference is covered. Take it further and gift her a Scentbird prescription where she has a different scent to try each month!

27. Cast Iron dutch oven –  A beautiful yet simple enameled cast iron dutch oven is the perfect gift for the Mama who loves to cook. Fill it with a few dish towels, the Magnolia book mentioned, and a set of bistro measuring cups for a themed gift to enjoy in the kitchen.

I hope my Mother’s Day guide gave you some noteworthy ideas. Whether you are a Mom, grandma, pet mom, mom-to-be, or anything in between – I hope you are loved, celebrated and appreciated this Mother’s Day and every day!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

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