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Happy Friday, friends! I am so excited to be sharing today’s post with you. It’s been in the works for a week or so now, and finally coming to fruition. Today I’ve outlined a simple at-home focused capsule. I’ve compiled 25 items specific to everyday, athleisure and loungewear – all pieces I am pretty sure the front runners in our closet cue these days. We are all adjusting to a new normal, with our dress code following suit. And while I’ve kept routine of getting ready each day, I am sure most can agree, comfort is winning at this point. But, even if you’re reading this long after the order lift, casualwear is (and always will be) a staple in our closet – it’s just our preferred outfit of choice these days!

This capsule was slightly easier than any seasonal build, as it’s focused on loungewear, athleisure, and everyday casuals. Since we’ve pretty much set workwear and more dressier clothing aside, focusing on one type helps to ease the build. If you are at all curious the steps in a larger seasonal build, my ‘How to Get started‘ guide dives into details and outlines my approach. A full closet clean out isn’t as much necessary in a mini focused capsule; I rather suggest doing an assessment of the topic’d items you have, what you need, and seeking inspiration on Pinterest. The color palette is built on pieces you can’t live without and really up to your preference.

All said – that assessment may or may not deem a slow start. Loungewear can quickly become closet excessive, can we all agree? One cozy sweatshirt catches your eye and you must grab it in every color. I know I am not the only one that has enough sweats and sweatshirts to last well past this quarantine. I do credit some of that to my influencer profession, but there does come a time – possibly in quarantine – where the minimalist inside us wins. I know every time I set out to capsule build, I am reminded that less is more. Purchasing versatile pieces does pay off, and narrowing down your closet count helps set perspective.

Below I’ve outlined the contents of my mini at-home capsule. You can create your own by choosing 1-3 basics for each category. For bottoms – leggings, joggers, and sweats. For tops – I included a variety of sleeve lengths, and tried to bring in at least one neutral color and one with style contrast – such as a print, graphic, or color. For example, for long sleeve tops I chose a solid neutral scoop neck and contrasting striped tee. For tanks I chose a solid black fitted tank and a cropped one in blue. Mixing up your items lengthens that outfit list and prevents you from building a capsule solely on basics.

Building an at-home capsule full of pieces to feel our best in was first on agenda, but please take note of the affordable alternatives I’ve listed as well! We’ve all the choice to re-evaluate how we spend; Some are choosing to save on the basics, and some are open to the splurge if it holds longevity. Either way – the homebody in all of us has options! Click on description to shop each item and alongside it I’ve included a more affordable option for those shopping on budget.

black cardigan (save) | green sweatshirt (save) | zip hoodie (save) | denim jacket (save) | pullover (save)

TOPS (8)
striped long sleeve tee (save) | scoop neck long sleeve tee (save) | black v-neck tee (save) | pink v-neck tee (save) | graphic teeblack tank (save) | blue cropped tank (save) | T-shirt dress (save)

black leggings (save) | space dye leggings (save) | crop sweatpants (save) | grey joggers (save) | olive joggers (save)

sneakers (save) | slip ons | court sneakers (save) | slippers (save) | blanket (save) | tote (save)

Below I’ve put together 12 outfits using only the items listed in the capsule. Feel free to sub out these ‘splurge’ items for any of the alternative options listed.  You’ll see I’ve categorized looks for athliesure, everyday casual, and loungewear. What I love about this capsule is that it’s completely cohesive. Perhaps you need to run an errand – your loungewear can be converted to everyday casual with a quick switch out of slippers for sneaks and blanket for tote. Once you’re home, switch back into those cozies!



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  1. Ashley
    May 1, 2020 / 8:05 pm

    Wow these are great looks and perfect for staying home yet a quick layer to make it acceptable to wear outside of the house

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