The self cared Millennial

I am what they consider to be, a Millennial. Millennials are noted as born between 1982 and 1996. Tho labeled a bit old fashioned, we are considered the game-changers, frugal fashionists, most educated, and most health conscious generation. I’ll add, we are reported to have made more personal improvement commitments than any generation before us. Millennials spend twice as much as boomers on self-care essentials such as workout regimens, diet plans, life plans, life coaching, therapy and apps to improve our personal well being. I find this interesting, knowing my personal understanding and devotion to self care and wellness didn’t come until later years.

My 18 year old self may say otherwise, but back then my thoughts on self care and it’s importance were minimal. Oh I cared. I cared about what people thought, who said what, and their ideas of me. How I viewed myself took a permanent backseat to the opinions of others.  Was I skinny enough, was I fashionable enough, popular enough, smart enough… and if I wasn’t hitting the bar that I had set at that moment, I did whatever it took to get there.  I worked out to be skinny for my boyfriend’s acceptance, I shopped all the high end stores to be a cool kid. I ate sensibly because it was just what you did to fit in with the current diet trends. What I didn’t care about was the outcome, or what I sacrificed. And sadly, it was a sick never ending cycle. No matter the effort, the mind’s bar wasn’t and would never be met. Hitting rock bottom at 89 pounds, an over-drafted bank account, and my distorted idea of nutrition was not, in the least bit, healthy.

Becoming a mom has changed my overall view of health in general. The minute I saw ‘pregnant’, my views on wellness took a drastic shift. I was forced to dig deep into the outcome of my actions. What I put in and on my body, how I took care of it, and even the way I perceived it would affect the actual well being of those around me. My lifestyle choices weren’t for just me anymore. It forced me to reevaluate everything.

I needed to address how I was treating my body. No more excessive workouts just to hit a number on the scale. And absolutely no more reasoning as to why I wasn’t eating a meal. I’ll add, the conversations and excuses heard were getting old and down right pathetic. I wasn’t even believing them half the time. The negative mind chatter needed to stop and it was up to me to slash the open ended invite.

I needed to streamline my budget. A Millennial is said to be fashion frugal; It was about time I lived up to the title. No more mindless shopping sprees or socialized spending. The expenses were bound to add up with a new family addition. Clothes, food, even schooling when older would and should be a priority over that ‘had to have’ designer pair of jeans.

I needed to think about how my daily routines and decisions would affect me in the long run; the household products, the remedies, the beauty regimens…all of it. Were these products safe? Would they affect mine and my family’s well being? Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve heard and still can side somewhat with the argument of “well my parents and the generation before them, and before them even” used household and beauty products for years that they now deem ‘un-safe’ and they survived. But then that goes back to caring about how others perceive me and the decisions I make. Allowing myself to do the research, and make a valid decision on my own was a step in the direction towards true self wellness.

Maybe being a Millennial has nothing to do with the increased interest in health, lifestyle choices and product awareness. Maybe this shift was the result of living in the age of internet upstart. With the Web at my fingertips to identify and seek self-care strategies, financial advice, alternative therapies and other wellness information related to nutrition and fitness, I was bound to find answers. Maybe it comes with being a parent, or it’s just part of ‘growing up’ and learning it’s importance.

Regardless of your generation label, your age, or what others think – don’t dismiss your true self or let those labels influence your lifestyle choices. Don’t give into the construed opinions of others. Dig deep into why you are who you are. You are your healthiest just being YOU. Take it from the 30 something Mom who once cared about all the wrong things. The gal who has learned the results of self-excluded care. It’s not healthy trying to maintain a lifestyle just so others can benefit from it.

That all said, I’ve struggled with this post. Ironically worrying how it would be perceived and in honesty, it’s overall point. With blogging, especially if you are new to the crowd as I am, it’s difficult to know where to start. Stepping into the role of an influencer, I’ve learned it’s important to find your niche and stick with it. For me, it’s posting primarily on what makes me happiest – finding affordable fashion and offering my lifestyle musings.

From a consumer’s standpoint, the Millennial’s thoughts on advertising parallel mine. We prefer experiences over material things and are highly receptive to cause and content marketing. It bothers me when established bloggers share and collaborate with lifestyle and wellness brands for the buck. Now before there is defense taken, this is based on perception, and perception alone. I only come to the conclusion of such actions because they haven’t expressed otherwise. They fail to share their findings from experience, research, or give valid reason as to why I as a consumer should trust their opinion. It makes me angry to then hear they’ve been labeled a guru in their niche. The God’s of influence seem to win, regardless of my immediate unfollow.

I understand this post can be slightly controversial, but in truth, I want to convey that there will be a bit of difference in my writings and influences. I am not going to post and share products or brands that I don’t stand behind. This Momma has been thru a lot. It may have taken a few overdraft fees, two pregnancies, and several years to get here, but you can trust in my word. I wont stand for or partake in advertising without reason or voice. Talking wellness and lifestyle, you’ll find many of the brands I advocate for (Ever, Beauty Counter, JuicePlus+ , BDY to name a few) to be ones I’ve derived experience from; There’s a story and reason behind my follow.

Blogging is an escape for me and a way to share the stories that make up me. I’ll share what I’ve learned, researched and found to work best. I promise to share true experiences, mistakes, and lessons deemed fit. I am not sharing for the result of an increased bank account, or just because everyone else is doing it. I am sharing opinion to ignite an awareness : wether that be your health, your lifestyle, your beauty routine, the clothes you wear, ..and opening it up for self evaluation, my Millennial self included.



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