Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Fanatic

*This post has been updated to reflect items available for the 2019 Holiday season

Happy Friday, and Happy early December! Can you believe Christmas is 3 weeks away? Time to tackle that gift list! For today’s gift guide I’ve focused on that fitness crazed lady. You know, the one who’s an avid gym goer, feels ‘off’ if she doesn’t get her workout in, and lives for a good workout sesh? {raising hands} I can relate to all of the above and then some! If my family is unsure of what to get me, it’s a given one can always resort to a fitness inspired gift. I am all smiles come Christmas AM when I’ve got a new set of headbands, running socks or the latest gym bag. So, for all those fitness fanatics on your list, you can bet I’ve got ya covered! Comin’ at ya in 3…2…1

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Gloves – For those all weather runners and outdoor enthusiasts, these gloves will keep you warm and dry in the colder/cooler months. Check out my rain gear runners round up for more ideas on gifting the open-air activist.

Crush it bag – This functional and stylish bag has made my wishlist before. Perfect fit for all her workout essentials, with a bottom that zips open for ventilated shoe storage!

Smart Water bottle – Hydration is key for all of us. This smart water bottle tracks your water intake, reminds you when to drink more water, and integrates with fitness trackers on commonly used devices. A thoughtful gift for any fitness enthusiast or health conscious individual!

Northface Hoodie – A warm hoodie great for after a workout, wearing around the house, or running errands is always a gift she loves to unwrap.

Headbands – I look forward to clean and sweat free bands every year in my stocking. These keep any loose ends off my face mid workout. Choose from all sorts of color options.

Cold roller ball – Foam rollers are great at working out knots in our legs and back, but occasionally our neck and shoulders could use some extra TLC. This handheld roller ball does the trick. The combo item features a stainless steel ball with gel insulation, perfecting the right temp to roll over those aching muscles.

Smartwool socks – These socks are perfect for marathon training! They carry zero moisture retention, prevent blisters, and stay put on your feet. A few other highly rated sock options are here, and here.

iWatch –  I know this is a little pricey, but it’s by far the best investment and one of my favorite gifts received. It has ability to track her workouts, pace, calorie burn, heart rate, syncs music and so much more. Perfect gift for a race trainee or everyday gym guru.

Arm sleeves – Used for many purposes, arm sleeves are an easy and effective way to control the temp on your runs. They may seem unnecessary, but for runners the convenience of slipping them on and off during a run can make for a more efficient workout. These are definitely on my runner wishlist.

Yogitoes towel – I put this specialized gripped towel on top of my yoga mat during heated yoga sessions. It prevents you from slipping within your postures. A perfect gift for all the yogis on list.

Sports bra – I know there are several to choose from – but from experience, these are by far my go-to. They are high quality, hold the ladies in, and long lasting. This retailer carries several stylish choices sure to meet expectations.

Essential oils – Those sore muscles need relief after strenuous exercise. After I’ve rolled out the muscles, I enjoy the benefit of essential oil use. This blend has personally proven to sooth muscle inflammation, boost energy, relieve stress, and eliminate headaches. Another topical remedy to combat muscle soreness can be found here.

Dry shampoo – Simply stated, this is any fitness girl’s best friend.

Natural deodorant – I recently made the switch to an all natural deodorant. With all the harsh chemicals put in products, and the increased awareness on safer beauty in general, the transition was in hindsight. The hesitancy stemmed from my fitness crazed self. I sweat – a lot, and was worried it wouldn’t hold up to my expectations. I figured if I didn’t like it, I could always go back to what I had been using prior. Ya’ll – that wont ever be necessary. It smells amazing, it’s aluminum free, and it’s made with safe and simple ingredients. And it WORKS. Even after a good ol’ sweat sesh, I am happy to report it meets the bar. Native is offered in several scents (I use the coconut/vanilla) and is now sold at Target! Grab a few for stocking stuffers or a set for under the tree. Keep her smelling pretty in and out of the gym.

Inspirational calendar – Anyone else love those #Mondaymotivation quotes? Nothing like a motivator to help you start off your week strong. Gift her a boost of confidence for every day of the week! Another optional fitness gift to inspire is here.

Race bib coasters – Race bibs serve their purpose for the duration of the race, and are often then thrown away. Gift her the ability to commemorate those PR races with more than just a finisher’s photo.

Foam roller – My roller has been a lifesaver, helping to relieve muscle tension and increase muscle reflexology. These are great for use before or after exercise, Yoga, and Massage Therapy. Avail in 3 sizes, sure to relieve any soreness from activity.

Resistance bands – Any fitness fanatic loves the thought of new equipment. Of all available, these bands prove that a big burn can still come from a small package.  Equipped with a lifetime warranty and an easy travel bag, these bands allow you to truly workout anywhere.

There you have it – a whole round up of Fitness gift ideas! Which will you be grabbing this year for the guru on list? I hope these helped mark off a few!



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