Friday Five | 5 quick school night meal ideas

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared a Friday five! Tho the lapse, I am always ‘listing’ and brainstorming content for ya’ll. From Styling sessions and IG round ups, to chatting trends and sharing emotion driven posts I hope there’s a good variety for all! A few weeks back, I shared on stories how caught up I had gotten in a post write – I’d been at the computer for hours and it was nearly 7pm. The normal backpack floor drop off that happens every afternoon sat untouched with homework undone. And judging by the wrappers in trash, these kids had snacked a whole lot [on junk] .. most likely because they’d decided to fend for themselves since Mom was ‘busy’. Where had time gone? What was I doing? I flipped the switch and went into immediate Mom mode. I felt like a troop officer, (lacking a whistle) calling the kids downstairs for proper instructions of order. We were going to get homework done, and dinner done.. and once I got passed the Mom guilt of completely neglecting priorities, we made it happen. Today’s Friday five shares five school night go-to meal ideas. These recipes are the ones I pull out for instances like this! These all take less than 30 minutes, making dinner one less thing you have to worry about on that todo list!

In relation to quick, I know Halloween is coming up. I also know if your kids are anything like mine, the last thing they want to do is sit down for a long drawn out dinner, reminisce about their day, and praise you at length the effort it must have taken in creating such a delicious meal. While a Mom would truly love that, all they want to do is get their costumes on and will the time to dusk. Am I right? All said, I thought to include some fun Halloween themed quick meal ideas in our list below. Halloween does fall on a school night this year, so I thought them appropriate! With all others mentioned, these are quick and sure to leave your kiddos ample prep time for Trick or Treating.

I’ve made these a number of times (with the exception of #5), changing up a few ingredients per family food preference! All of these ideas were pulled from Pinterest! Feel free to pin to your own foodie boards, or contribute to mine!

Ritz Cracker chicken from My Baking Addiction

I've made this over a dozen times. These are easy and quick and something the kids ask for often. This breading can be put on any size chicken tho the kids enjoy them in smaller bites.  I often cut chicken breast or tenders up into bite size pieces we call 'chicken titties'. You can substitute the egg yolk for whites for a healthier option. 

Mummy hot dogs from I Heart Nap Time

These are requested every year! Easy and simple and something the kids can even participate in! 

Sizzle burgers from French's

We love to make these as they are rich with flavor and can be eaten alone by themselves (with some BBQ sauce for dipping) or on a bun with all the fixings!

Jack o'lantern Quesadillas from Eat.Drink.Love

Something fun and festive for Halloween! Fill these with veggies, and protein to fuel the kids up. Maybe they'll be so full they'll opt for only a few pieces of candy! Wishful thinking, I know. 

Easy Mexican Skillet enchiladas from Super Healthy Kids

I haven't yet tried this, but included on list to refer back to! This looks delicious, easy and something I know my whole family will enjoy!

There you have it! Be sure to bookmark this post whenever you're in a school night pinch! As always, thank you for stopping by for my Friday Five! 



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