February Instagram update + blog recap | Vol. 2

Happy Tuesday, friends! Well, it’s been a week. If you’ve followed along on Instagram, you know the emotional rollercoaster I’ve ridden. I shared in stories my thoughts and chatted my feelings for a good while on Wednesday and I’d be amiss if I didn’t document them here as well. Similar to the stories shared on IG, this Instagram update is lengthy – but what would a typical post be without a few hundred words, right? More so, transparency and sharing all behind the scenes aligns with mission. So, here goes …

For quite sometime, the sarahstoriesblog account on IG has left me feeling less than. I’ve struggled with my content being seen. Knowing the passion, work & effort I put into my content on all platforms, it gets me down when numbers aren’t reflected as they should be. When likes, comments, reach & general engagement in my content is low, it makes me question why I do this, and sadly – my worth. When you put effort into anything you create, it coincides with feeling purposeful. And lately, the drive doesn’t get me far when running on purpose alone.

Because of this, I created a new account. I did so, with intentions to merge/direct current followers over and start fresh on the platform. My thought was if I started fresh, I could reach and connect with more. I’d be the newbie in the saturated IG pool. Smaller accounts are more favorable, and the likelihood of gaining real, active followers is high. I’d make genuine connections with new faces, build on the relationships made from the initial account, and increase the visibility of my content. I won’t go into logistics of numbers, nor list the pros and cons to creating the new – but I will state, pursuing the new account and closing a chapter I’d built on for a year and a half was going to be difficult and ultimately a path I decided against.

Getting to that point and decision involved a lot of tears, a lot of prayer, and a goodnight’s sleep. I went back and forth for most of the morning on Wednesday – should I post in the old account? Or should I share in the new? I should definitely update my followers on what’s going on.

It was apparent through the amount of DMs I received upon creating the new account, that there were many who would have followed me and would’ve been there to support me no matter the direction I chose. I am beyond grateful for the relationships and friendships built on this platform alone. And am so appreciative of your willingness to support in the possible transition. But, I also felt if I would have pursued the clean slate, I’d be dismissing the loyalty from those active and also dismissing opportunity to reach those whom I haven’t yet reached.

It’s natural as accounts grow, to gain inactive followers. They hit that follow button for some reason or another, tho don’t engage thereafter. It’s natural, tho not ideal. I understand not everyone is going to receive content cohesively. And it’s understood the reason for following can differ from one person to the next. What one person may find useful, the other could dismiss. But organic growth is what we hope for as influencers, and when you start to question the composition of such growth, you should take a step back and re-think your brand’s direction.

After much thought and sharing with friends and family my concerns, I was reminded of an excerpt I wrote here on the blog several months back. In summary, if I can reach one person, provide them the tools to define style, to remind them of their worth, to share that embracing authenticity is the key to self expression & discovery — I am doing something right. If I impact one person .. then I am where I am supposed to be. Those numbers I am worried about, shouldn’t matter. The reality of reach, unimportant. More so, that sole impact can (and should) fuel my purpose and direction.

Tho I questioned a lot of things, I sit grateful for the space I’ve built on Instagram @thesarahstoriesblog. So .. #1, I am not going anywhere. You can still find me sharing all the round ups, sale finds, style sessions, and try ons. For those that enjoy the clips, you can still count on a feelings chat at least once a week. And #2, I will dismiss dwelling on what is unseen, and vow to celebrate the impact of content that IS seen. Knowing I’ve helped one (or a countless number of you) see the beauty of individuality, is reason (enough) for a continued write.

Thank you for being here. Thank YOU for listening. Every like, comment, conversation & share means the world to me. I am so grateful for a space to share my passion & purpose. I hope you continue to be part of the community that fuels it.

Whew, all said – I think this Instagram update is a great segway into our final February recap, don’t you think? Similar to last month, the final Instagram round up for February includes a list of blog posts shared. I figure this can be your source to shop recent looks on Instagram, and reference posts you might have missed this month here on the blog.





Below you can shop the latest on Instagram. Per usual, outfits are linked with sizing details below each image!

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There you have it! Until our next Instagram update, thanks for stopping by!

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