Building on the Basics II


We’ve all basics in closet, so let’s build on them! If you’ve been following along on socials, I started a series late May topic’ing our basics in closet. While these basics are often the building blocks of our wardrobe, there can come a point where style becomes stagnant and feels a little dull. To steer away from stagnancy, I thought to take these basics in closet and elevate them a little. Let’s take these ordinary pieces and breathe them new life with fresh accessories, trends, and a whole lot of creativity this season! You can catch the first half of our series in detail, here. Today’s post rounds out our series; Below you can view the last 5 chosen basics and the outfits built on them.


Ah, the blazer, the reining champ of both basics and build. It’s timeless in that it never goes out of style, yet holds the ability to instantly MAKE an outfit. So instead of building on this basic, let’s level up our everyday casual. Give your favorite graphic T, jeans, and sneakers an instant upgrade by pairing them with an oversized blazer of choice. Add some accessories and you’ve the perfect mix of dress and casual.

Little Black Dress

The little black dress. While it shines alone, it’s not worn as often as I’d like. Let’s build on it and find a way to add it into rotation. A vibrant and colorful blouse will do the trick. Button it up and tie it around waist to keep shape. For accessories, I love a chunky statement necklace. For shoes – you’ve options. Go for a classic pump, a little pattern play in flats, or a block heeled mule. 


Let’s face it, jeans go with most. Graphic tees, sweaters, even a ruffled blouse. So in order to elevate this basic and generate that creative style within – I needed to go outside my comfort zone. do the unthinkable. Not sure about you, but I’ve always avoided this pairing, and vowed to never. But our styles change, even revert, and have proven recyclable.  so..denim on denim it is. I kept the wash light on bottom and went darker on top. Added in some leopard sneakers, and honestly, I LOVE it. Not only does this prove your ordinary blues versatile, it proves breaking your own set of rules isn’t such a bad thing. 

Printed maxi

Got a favorite printed Summer maxi in closet? Let’s elevate it a little and show just how versatile this little number can be! One of my favorite ways to transform a dress is to add a graphic T over the top. Use a small hair tie to knot and secure and you’ve now the illusion of a skirt! Add in a braided sandal, fun hoops and straw circle tote for an easy everyday look. 

neutral cardigan

Our last build on Spring basics pays tribute to a classic. The last in this series is the cardigan. It’s THE reliable layer that gets us through seasonal transition. It often sits on reserve, and as temps rise, is a great pull for added warmth when indoors. And while I love color, it’s the trusted neutrals like this cream cardi that make up the majority of my wardrobe. Elevating it is simple – give it a monochrome moment! Opting similar shades from top to bottom, I chose a khaki colored pant and canvas mules. Bring in contrast with a snake print clutch and you’ve mastered this basic build. 

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