8 recreated Pinterest looks + how to convert pinned inspo to real life outfits

8 recreated Pinterest looks + how to convert pinned inspo to real life outfits

A few months ago, my husband came home from work and after our initial conversation of hellos, ‘how was your day’, etc .. he pulled me aside and said, “hun .. you wore that same outfit yesterday”. First, bless his heart for mentioning it to me quietly to prevent any embarrassment I may have held. And second, I ever so nicely informed him that this shirt and skirt combo was part of my capsule and that he’d most likely see these items worn more than once this Fall. They may be styled differently, but he’d definitely see their recycle.

Cracking a smile just typing this; If you don’t know by now, recreating and repeating outfits is my jam. It’s completely acceptable, practical, and downright awesome to wear pieces more than once. And since we’re topic’ing inspo, it’s completely okay to source style ideas outside of your closet space or idea bank. How else will your sense of style develop? The rewear and recreation of said outfits also simultaneously increases the value of your closet over time. It’s a win, win.

But, finding ways to wear these favorites can be difficult. It’s not like we’ve in-house personal stylists or a lookbook to source when we are strapped on ideas. Or do we?

Oh yes we do. While it’s been around for quite sometime, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered Pinterest a style idea gold mine. On days I question what to wear, or I’ve new pieces in closet to style, I pull up the boards I’ve pinned inspo to and source the day’s fit. Today’s post shares how I convert Pinterest pins to real life outfits and 8 favorited looks I’ve recreated this year.

First, to ensure the process clean, you’ve got to get organized. While I love Pinterest, it’s a lot. Not only can you go down a rabbit hole, the more you pin, the more the algorithm caters to interest. A good strategy on their part, but excessive and ill-thought pinning can get overwhelming to most, real quick.

In terms of style inspo, I have two boards. One is for practical inspiration and one is aspirational. I adopted and learned this pinning strategy from Tiktok. It’s genius in that it categorizes and directs inspo to it’s proper board at start. This way of pinning is extremely helpful when you’re in a crunch or lacking creativity, as the ideas have already been sorted and align with your current closet. Pinning this way alleviates any stress or overwhelm the platform is often known for.

From there, converting the pinned looks to real life outfits is easy. Just pull the looks from your practical inspiration board, access what you’ve similar in closet and make it your own!

Now onto the looks I’ve recreated this year! I’ve shared a little on each and linked the items used to recreate these pins. Clicking on each side by side image directs you to LiketoKnow.it where you can shop. Oh, and feel free to pin them for future inspo!

This casual pre-Fall outfit caught my eye and was the opener in my Pinterest recreate series. The corduroy pants, sandals, and a basic tee were all pieces I already owned in closet. The bucket bag was a new addition I found on Amazon. Not sure about you, but this entire look reads a casual 90s style that I am 100% here for.

It’s the espadrilles that sparked the pin on this one. I’d read an article that mentioned a specific way of tying your espadrilles so that your heel wouldn’t shift when walking and a style tutorial was already in the works! I love this breezy Summer fit so much, I know I’ll recreate it again next Summer.

Easily one of my favorite recreated looks, ever. At the time of pinning, I didn’t have a skirt similar to the one shown. I knew my closet lacked a linen midi skirt, and so I sought and found this one. I loved this piece so much that it made my 12×12 mini capsule and I’ve worn it a handful of times since. Shows just how far one pin can take you.

How cute is this? I saw this whilst scrolling and immediately pinned it. I knew it would be one of the easier outfits to recreate, as I had almost identical pieces to work with already in closet. I had the skirt, the sneakers and a likewise crossbody bag. I really loved the color combo in this late Summer ensemble, and even tho I didn’t have a graphic sweatshirt, my lululemon clay colored half zip hoodie works just the same!

I love a monochromatic look, and this one was an instant save. To be honest, I am not entirely sure why I hadn’t ever thought to combine these pieces together before. That’s the magic of Pinterest, streaming you with fresh ideas. The Madewell top, Amazon paperbag pants, J.Crew gold strap sandals, and Target clutch make a chic and stylish look to bank on later.

Oversized blazer looks will forever live rent free in my closet. This look immediately caught my eye, as I’d just purchased a similar oversized brown plaid blazer for Fall. I love how this look turned out and the mix of print and pattern up top.

Come to think of it, I feel this look is one most can replicate. We’ve all a graphic tee and a good pair of jeans we love. Lug boots, combat boots, or military styled boots replica well. And for the layer, the blazer doesn’t have to be brown or even plaid. Even if it’s black, the formula still pans out and guarantees a modern fit. Try it and tell me what you think!

This look had been saved in my inspo vault for a while. Actually the majority of my style boards on Pinterest consist of Natalie Borton‘s outfit pins. With the exception of the denim, every piece in this fit made my 2022 Fall capsule. It’s the perfect combo of edge and class and is one look I’ll be repeating the entire season!

Another easy outfit I knew my closet could handle. With the addition of this knit skirt and matching set in closet, I knew creating an illusion of this pinned original would be easy. Plus, I am always searching for ways to wear my leather jacket and love its element of edge. Add in sneakers and you’ve the perfect mix of dress and casual.

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