7 Amazon sweaters to transition into Spring

7 Amazon sweaters to transition into Spring

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared an Amazon round up, am I right? This past season I’ve focused a lot on tuning my closet more sustainable. More versatile. More valuable. Not to say that Amazon doesn’t hold such attributes when it comes to fashion, I’ve just been clearing out more than adding in. Before I get into this Amazon sweater round up, I’d love to note a few important thoughts I’ve had in my decision to still shop Amazon – despite the capsule focused, minimalist approach to style I’ve shifted to.

It’s known that the majority of the fashion noted and found from Amazon is affordable. Many items I share in past round ups are accessible, most under $40. Yes, you can purchase name brand pieces from Amazon, tho have found investing by way of direct is likely the smarter choice in terms of authenticity, safety, loyalty programs, etc. None the less, I still shop and consider Amazon fast fashion. And while I’ve defined my niche, capitalize on the idea of a minimal closet, promote quality over quantity – I think a good balance of both is completely okay. Especially if you’re still learning your individual style.

There’s many reasons while one may choose the more affordable sweater over designer. Lifestyle, shipping costs, desire to support small business, time, and finances are all factors. And while many may frown upon fast or affordable fashion, ruling it out completely limits discovery. I can think of several instances when I’ve opted affordable and despite the initial cost – the sweater, jacket, or whichever piece continuously makes my keep pile season after season. Proof that value isn’t always a reflection of the price tag. You can cut corners while simultaneously building the closet of your dreams.

Whether you invest in items or shop them affordable, both give insight and help determine what we consider valuable in closet. Reason why I continue to shop Amazon and designer direct equally.

Let’s get back to the reason you clicked on this post, shall we? For today’s Amazon round up, I’ve decided to share seven sweaters I’ve bought from Amazon (either in the last few years or within the last few weeks) that I love. All of these sweaters will transition easily into Spring, are under $40, and are available Prime ship.

1. This oversized knitted sweater is one of my first Amazon fashion purchases that has kept spot in closet. I love the color blocking and length. Perfect to wear over leggings or front tucked into high rise denim. It’s lightweight, incredibly soft and will transition nicely into Spring. Fits tts.

2. I absolutely love this sweater, so much that I’ve two other colors sitting in cart! You can dress it up or down, making it extremely versatile. The mock neck makes it chic and equally comfortable. And if you’d like, you can size up and wear it as a sweater dress! I am wearing a small.

3. This sweater is extremely flattering, as it gives you the ability to wear it off shoulder. The length is perfect to front tuck into high waisted jeans or pants. I purchased a simple white, but it is also available in 29 other colors!

4. This sweater is one of my very favorites. The oversized soft ribbed material is cozy and perfect for any day of the week. Dress it up with skinny jeans and boots or down over leggings. Available in several colors, I am wearing a small.

5. This sweater has grown on me. I love that it’s cropped, lightweight, and holds the prettiest woven detail. It’s stylish when casually front tucked into high waisted jeans. Available in several colors, I am wearing a small.

6. I’ve always loved a shacket, and when I found one in sweater form, I immediately added it to cart. This one is so soft and like all shackets, extremely versatile. Dress it up, down, loosely as a cardigan, or buttoned all the way up! Available in several colors. I am wearing a small.

7. I am not typically one for printed sweaters, but when I saw this I thought it would work perfectly for Valentines day. The heart print is subtle and neutral enough to be worn past February. It’s lightweight, and oversized enough that you can wear it off shoulder. Available in several color options. I am wearing a small.

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