2023 Spring capsule wardrobe

Hello friends! I realize it’s been a few months, but for those that follow me over on socials you know I’ve been a bit busy. We’re officially moved into our new home and I took several weeks off to devote my attention to all those house things. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things and while I skipped April’s monthly outfit planner, it wouldn’t be like me to let the month pass without a seasonal capsule.

I approach capsule wardrobe builds a bit different from monthly outfit planners. I’ve found the monthly planners provide us the opportunity to discover our style, as there’s more leniency in item count and experimental styling. Capsule wardrobes are more structured and a reflection of that very discovery.

It’s good to note that capsule building is definitely a structured process. Just as our style evolves so do our capsules. Over the years capsule building has really become a collection of investment pieces and thus a true reflection of my own style. You’ll notice several pieces within this Spring capsule that have shown up before, and a few new pieces I’ve added since my last Spring inspired build.

When choosing pieces for a capsule wardrobe, I naturally start with the basics that I love, and then ensure that anything new aligns with words I’ve determined my style to be. The words classic, feminine, chic, and tailored are those I’ve come to list in my own style description. I also mentally visualize at least three ways to wear these new ‘prospects’ and determine if they fit within my wardrobe.

I realize the capsules I share here are a reflection of my own style and that it may be entirely different from yours. What’s important to know is that your capsule should really reflect what you love and feel your best in. Determining words to define my style has really helped this seasonal build and I feel it’s a great place to start in general if you’re new to capsule building or developing your own style.

Spring capsule maxi dress
Spring capsule blazer
Spring capsule trouser pants
2023 Spring capsule wardrobe
2023 Spring capsule wardrobe
Spring capsule cashmere cardigan
Spring capsule casual maxi dress

Instead of an itemized written capsule list, I decided to share our 2023 Spring capsule pieces and corresponding outfit ideas a little differently. I’ve linked all shown below by way of categories, providing exact and/or similar options to shop from in LiketoKnow.it.

tops | bottoms | dresses + skirts | layers

By definition, capsule wardrobes are a collection of pieces that work cohesively together. Seeing the versatility of each piece validates purpose and wardrobe placement. I thought to spotlight each piece and curate three outfit ideas for each. You’ll see the outlined description of each piece below with corresponding outfits.

Lastly, by no means do I suggest grabbing all of these items. The intent in building a capsule is to start with the items you have beforehand and progress from there. If you have some of these items, yay! We’ve similar style! If you have similar items, go ahead and replace my example for your own. If you love my color palette, or any of the outfits pieced together, please use the inspiration! My hope in sharing this capsule is to shed light on the functional benefit of a minimal wardrobe, see the versatility in each chosen piece, and ease any doubt in the ability to create your own!


Basic tees always make the capsule cut. They’re classic and truly go with anything. I typically stick with neutral tones, as they serve purpose alone or when layering. This build I chose my favorite Madewell cotton whisper tee in grey and a muscle tee in white from Faherty. I also love to include at least one graphic tee in the mix, so I went with an all time favorite band tee.


Tanks are always good to have on hand. I’ve always been one to layer and utilize tanks on a daily basis. For our 2023 Spring capsule, cotton tees made the cut. I’ve a simple high neck and a scoop neck for optional fits. You’ll see them as the base for several of the looks shown throughout this post.

cropped linen vest

I noted the rising trend of tailored menswear earlier this year, and knew in some fashion, it would take spot within my 2023 Spring wardrobe. I saw this lightweight green colored cropped vest from Madewell and love everything about it. It’s versatile, colorful, and on trend for Spring and Summer.

crochet knit tank

Crochet will be everywhere this Spring and Summer. I love the feminine texture it brings to the capsule. The one I have in closet is older, tho I found and linked a very similar option available.

drapey black button blouse

This black button blouse has held a prominent spot in my wardrobe with good reason. It’s simply one of those tops that goes with everything. It’s classic, can be dressed up or down and brings sophisticated chic element to the wardrobe. I also love how the fabric effortlessly drapes and feels.

button up tops

Just as basic tees are essential, button up tops hold similar versatility and purpose. While I stuck to the basic striped, white, and chambray styles, I chose fabrics and colors suitable for Spring. This Mille clementine pastel striped top fits perfectly within the season’s light and airy aesthetic. I also went with my all time favorite Baird McNutt linen button up and medium wash chambray top, both from J.Crew.

long sleeve tees

With Spring’s weather, it’s always good to have the basic long sleeve tees on hand. This season I went with a basic grey ribbed tee and a striped marinière. I love the neutrality of the grey, providing a layer whenever needed. And the subtle color from the stripes brings contrast to any day’s fit. Both are highly versatile.

Spring blouse

A Spring wardrobe is not complete without at least one Spring inspired blouse. Florals have always been prevalent in my closet so I knew this season wouldn’t be any different. This flattering linen floral top from Reformation made the cut and adds the perfect feminine touch. And for added versatility, I chose to include a classic white linen blouse.


For layers, a cardigan is always on list. I wanted a lightweight option for Spring and this pocketed textured cardigan from Madewell is perfect. I love the length and neutral tone. For added variance, an oversized boyfriend cashmere cardigan works well. I added this luxurious cardigan from Quince to my closet last Fall. It’s carried well into Spring and will serve as the perfect layer on colder days.


A classic striped pullover and crewneck sweater made this seasonal cut. This pullover (similar) has been a staple in closet for a few years and it continues to be a favorite. And the blue crewneck is from Sezane. I purposely purchased this sweater to pair it with the knit skirt below, but know it shines solo. While the skirt and sweater are sold separately, fabrication is the same.

wide leg jeans

The AYR Secret Sauce jeans have become my favorite long length jeans in closet. These made my early Summer capsule and continue to be my top pick when it comes to denim. I love them so much I purchased them in an Ecru wash, knowing they’ll style well into the Spring and Summer months.

straight leg jeans

Agolde has become another favorite of mine when it comes to denim. From their shorts to straight jeans, I love the fit and comfort of this brand. I chose to include a darker full length straight leg with their 90s pinch waist denim, making sure all boxes were checked on wash variety. And my capsule wouldn’t be complete without the returning favorite Riley cropped straight jean.

trouser pant

While tailored menswear is making a huge comeback, my love for trouser pants has always remained true. The Mason trouser pant is by far, my favorite trouser of all time. It’s construction, comfort, and versatility is unmatched.

pull on Dream pant

Made of soft double-knit fabric, Everlane’s Dream pant features an elastic waist, pintuck detailing, and a sleek tapered leg. It looks polished, but comfortable enough to nap in. These made their debut last Spring and have become a top pick. They truly live up to their name and allow you to feel put together, with minimal effort.


I knew launching this 2023 Spring capsule later than usual would require the inclusion of more warm weather pieces. For shorts, a tailored short and black denim dad shorts made the cut. Both are versatile and will suit Spring and Summer temps.

maxi + midi dress

My 2023 Spring capsule wouldn’t be complete without one or two dresses. The Target maxi and Sezane midi shirt dress both won me over earlier this season and are so fun to style. Dress them up with heels or down with sneakers, the options are endless.


Earlier this year I experimented with up and coming trends and the denim skirt won me over. The exact denim skirt in closet is from Rails and I love the deconstructed style and raw hem line. The knit skirt (mentioned above) styles well as a set and equally shines solo.


Who doesn’t love a one and done fit? My love for a jumpsuit runs deep. The jumpsuit chosen for my 2023 Spring capsule wardrobe is from Good American. It’s stretchy, comfortable, and equally flattering.

trench coat

While I love a classic khaki colored trench, this olive toned Scott coat from Sezane brings difference to my closet in the best way. It’s chic, elegant, and fits well within Spring’s color palette.

denim shacket

A denim jacket always takes spot in Spring’s outerwear lineup. I love this oversized denim shacket style from Pistola.


If I am being honest, competition for these two spots was steep. I went back and forth but ultimately decided on an oversized navy blazer and neutral plaid blazer (similar). Both are equally versatile and fun to style any day of the week.

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