2020 Fall Capsule Wardrobe | + 24 outfit ideas

Hello friends! It’s here! I am beyond excited to share with you my 2020 Fall Capsule Wardrobe! For Fall’s feature, subscribers have first look, with all access open end of week! Whether you’re subscribed or you’ve landed here from mere curiosity, I hope this post helps answer questions you may have about capsule wardrobes, it’s process, the benefits, and more so – be a source of inspiration when building your own this season!

I’ll say building this season’s capsule wasn’t as difficult this time around. Not that the build is always difficult; The process of narrowing down options and deciding what to keep, what to donate, and more so what you need to fill in the gaps can be hard. The purpose of a capsule is to choose items you know versatile, and sustainable, whilst minimal. The fashion lover in me often wants to keep everything ‘just in case’ or to keep my options open. Ironically, the capsule build forces me out of my comfort zone a little. I have to make the kind of decisions I often let slide.  It can be frustrating, and I find myself taking way more time in the decision process than I’d like. But, as stated – this time around it wasn’t too bad!

I’ve been building capsules for almost two years now. I’ve reaped the benefits of capsule building in past – the ease in getting dressed each day, time, and financial advantages are perks to note.  Tho I was unaware that the build would get easier with time. That first purge at start can be rough. It can take time. The decision to invest in sustainable items over second rate may be financially hard to swallow. But over time, your closet becomes one you’re proud of. You’ve put the work in, you’ve become particular and are mindful of each new addition, with every piece holding purpose. Season after season, you get more of a return on your time and investments – and, like I’ve experienced this go round – the process of build gets easier!

A few weeks back, I had sent photos of outfits to my photographer to inform her of what I’d planned for our upcoming shoot. In browsing them all, I realized I already had the majority of everything for my capsule. All but a few were lacking in the build. The color palette held greens and blues, a hint of browns, and prints I am known for loving this time of year. I am sure my love for Fall fashion made the process easier by way of default, but nonetheless I am proud of how this capsule came together. I am so excited to pull and piece together outfits that make me look and more importantly, feel my best.

This season, I’ve decided to exclude shoes and accessories in my capsule share. Part of that difficulty I talk about, lies in the decision of what shoes to wear with what! To ease stress, I’ve omitted that step completely and have left it open to creativity. Shoes and accessories can change up your look entirely, and the idea that I am restricted to x amount of pairs – for lack of a better description – just isn’t my style. Just as long as I don’t go crazy with shoe purchases, I’ve left my options open. I feel more free and creative with capsules when I grant myself free rein on shoes and accessories! In the outfit inspiration below, I do include what I’d choose to wear with each look shown for style ideas.

And lastly, like I’ve mentioned in past – By no means do I suggest grabbing all of these items. The intent in building a capsule is to start with the items you have beforehand and progress from there. (be sure to check out my updated ‘How to get started guide’ [linked above for download] to chat all the ins and outs of capsule building.) If you have some of these items, yay! We’ve similar style! If you have similar items, go ahead and replace my example for your own. If you love my color palette, or any of the outfits pieced together, please use the inspiration! My hope in sharing this capsule is to shed light on the benefits of a minimal wardrobe, see the versatility in each chosen piece, and ease any doubt in the ability to create your own!

2020 Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the 2020 Fall capsule, with links to the items. I’ve also linked similar items on a few if they’re no longer available or at a lower price point:

leather jacket (similar) | plaid blazer | sweater blazer | utility jacket | denim jacket | cream knit cardiganrust knit cardigan | animal print cardigan | mock neck cropped sweatshirt (similar)

white crewneck sweater |  black cashmere sweatercolor block knit sweater | chenille oversized sweater | chambray button-up | striped ruffle sleeve tee | olive button-up | oversized striped button-up | plaid button-down | striped clean silk shirt | grey tee | white tee | ribbed henley | long sleeve tee | v-neck bodysuitscoop neck bodysuit | long sleeve bodysuitscoop neck camisoles | neutral tank (similar)

leopard print maxi dress | faux suede mini skirt | faux leather leggings (similar) | joggers (similar) | floral ruffle dress | black ankle skinny jeans | wide leg cropped white jeans (similar)| dark wash skinny jeans | Mom jeans | medium wash straight jeans

Below I’ve put together 24 outfits using only the items listed in the capsule. This is just a fraction of the looks one can create! Feel free to accessorize as desired!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

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