11 stylish ways to wear a brown plaid blazer

Truth be told, the brown plaid blazer I’ve topic’d today hasn’t been worn as often as I’d like. Sadly, its even made its way to the maybe pile while conducting a few closet clean outs. Most likely due to it’s confessed lack of wear .. I purchased it on a whim a few years back, styled it some and it’s hung in closet since.

Don’t you hate that? You find something you love, absolutely have to have it .. and then for reasons untold it becomes just another piece. Oops. Yet the fact that I’ve somehow held onto this piece for a few years tells me that it’s really something I love and feel good in. More so, it reminds me how well this brown plaid blazer fits in with every capsule I curate.

I’ve mentioned my goal is to find purpose for every item in my closet. The process towards that involves a lot of sorting, reasoning, questioning, and styling! I knew this blazer had potential, I just needed to force it into rotation. And boy am I glad I did.

While I’ve styled a plaid blazer before, this particular brown blazer needed a spotlight of it’s own. Especially if I wanted definite answers in terms of purpose. Pulling it from the way back of my closet to front and center truly felt like Christmas. Today’s post shares 11 stylish ways to wear a brown plaid blazer.

Maybe you relate; You’ve a dusty (once loved) brown plaid blazer in closet and you’re in search for ways to wear it. Maybe you’ve recently taken an interest to this style and you’re curious if it would fit with your existing closet. Or lastly, you’ve always loved the look and are looking for a few plaid blazer recs.

Whichever reason landed you here – hopefully by post end you’ll have found an answer and that no item, plaid blazer or not, ever holds purpose in the maybe pile.

Stylish ways to wear a brown plaid blazer

WITH LEGGINGS: This look is extremely edgy & fun. Combine with boots & a crossbody bag and you’ll be set for happy hour.

WITH SHORTS: One of my favorite looks, ever. The faux leather shorts, sweater & boots are instantly made chic with the blazer addition.

plaid blazer with faux leather shorts

WITH DENIM: One of my favorite ways to wear it! Combining what’s considered a more dressier piece with casual is stylish & creative. 

WITH AN OVERSIZED SWEATER: While an oversized sweater is great on it’s own, pairing it with the blazer kicks your casual up a notch. Rain boots and all, this look is a great representation of elevated casual.

WITH A GRAPHIC TEE: Elevate your casual & combine prints! An oversized graphic tee works well for a dressed down fit.

plaid blazer with graphic tee

dressy brown plaid blazer outfit ideas

casual brown plaid blazer outfit ideas

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