10 random things I am loving this Summer

Hi friends! It’s been a bit since I’ve shared some top favorites. If you’re a blog subscriber, you’ve seen my monthly lists of favorites, but having put a pause on the send out (at least thru the Summer),  I feel I owe ya’ll a round up! Today I am sharing 10 random things I am loving from all categories in life! Style, beauty, family, food.. all completely random, but worth the share. Let’s get to it!

1. Necessaire // If you’ve followed lately in stories, you’ve heard my rave on Necessaire. From their body exfoliator, to body oil, serum, and lotion – my skin has never felt softer.

2. Greenlight card // I recently shared our experience and discovery of Greenlight on Instagram and thought to note it here as well. It’s been so neat to see the pay off. If you’re new to Greenlight – it’s a debit card and app for kids and parents to teach and instill financial responsibilities. Both Ellie and Jonah now have their own debit card and app on their devices, while Patrick and I can likewise set flexible controls. Parents can set chore lists and monitor where, when and how much our kids are spending. Kids can likewise monitor their balances thru the app, set goals and learn how to manage money smart! Jonah has successfully earned, saved, and purchased his very own iPad this Summer – a monumental experience to watch play out. Definitely check it out if you think this would benefit your family!

3. Sweat & Salty infrared sauna // Scrolling Ig, I recently saw an add for a local infrared sauna and immediately sought out more info. Infrared saunas help to reduce stress, relieve pain, detoxify, and improve circulation. I was so pleased to have found Sweat & Salty so local. Sitting in the sauna after a good workout or lap swim used to be my treat back in the day. Now that my workouts are at home, I haven’t had the opportunity to bask in the benefits of a good sweat sesh. One sweat was all it took to get me hooked. I now prioritize a weekly sweat where I can relax, unwind, and detox from the inside out! I highly recommend getting sweaty if you’re local or have a studio near you.

4. Clean Juice // While I love ice cream and Starbucks runs, there are healthier alternatives. I’ve really loved the simplicity of Clean Juice smoothies and juices lately! My go to this month is ‘The Hydrating one’ – full of organic watermelon, pineapple and mint! I also love the ‘Coffee One’ – full of organic almond butter, almond milk, banana, cold-brewed coffee, and dates. Yum!

5. Ilia soft focus finishing powder // Don’t get me wrong – I love a dewy glow, especially in the Summer. But to decrease textured shine, I’ve been setting my makeup with Ilia’s soft focus powder and loving the finish. It provides natural looking coverage and is the perfect final dust over my tinted moisturizer. Adding it to my empties list that I plan to share in my Q3 quarter review!

6. Sets and rompers // I thought to initially give both of these fashion favorites a spot of their own in count, but I feel they kinda fit under the same category. They both are centered around the idea of an easy fit! Sets are so convenient to piece together and there’s no struggle or doubt in the wear. And a romper is essentially an outfit in itself! Add accessories to either and you’re golden.

I laugh as I count just how many sets and rompers I have purchased this Summer. I am up to 7 sets and likewise rompers .. don’t judge. There’s just something about a matching top and bottom or the ease of styling a one piece that has me swooning from one to the next. I love the simplicity, convenience, and versatility both styles hold.

7. Pepper // Another result of scrolling Ig .. the ads get me, ya’ll! For all you ladies part of the IBTC (itty bitty titty committee), this is a game changer! For years (excluding those when I was breast feeding), I’ve struggled finding the perfect bra. I just cannot fill the cup! I never understood the reason for struggle until I discovered Pepper. I learned that industry designs for 36C. Pepper designs for AA, A, and B cups. They’ve shallower, lightly padded cups and an optimized underwire curvature. Most days I wear a bralette. They work for me, but there are times when bralette straps are too noticeable and don’t compliment my day’s wear. Their limitless wire free scoop bra fits perfectly. Definitely adding new colors to my collection, asap!

8. NB x ABLE jewelry collection //  If you’ve followed me a while, you have learned my love for ABLE and the mission they stand behind. I’ve a whole highlight sharing my thoughts and advocacy. Natalie Borton is someone I’ve followed and admired for a long time on Ig. She’s a small business owner & self acceptance advocate. Her partnership with ABLE is a perfect fit. These pieces are not only a great addition to my everyday wear, they all hold such a strong purpose. Both sets of earrings arrived yesterday and to say I love them is a complete understatement.

9. Jess Sims Bike Bootcamp // For several months I’ve been incorporating more weight training into my workout routine. As much as I love my endurance rides, incorporating weight training into my workout routine has been a good balance. Jess Sims’ bootcamps combine everything I love about cardio and strength into one class. You spend equal parts on the bike and on the floor, using weights or bodyweight. Gives me the best sweat and more importantly leaves me feeling strong!

10. Liquid IV // Staying hydrated in this heat is so essential. 1 stick of Liquid IV can provide 2-3x the hydration of water alone! I gave this popular mix a try a few months back and love it! I typically keep at least one stick in my purse at all times. It tastes good, is travel friendly and additionally contains 5 essential vitamins. Guava and Pina Colada are my favorite flavors! Definitely give it a try (or stock up). Save 25% with thesarahstoriesblog.

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